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E! Online iPhone Application Review

written by: CBumeter•edited by: DaniellaNicole•updated: 5/29/2009

Stay up to date with all of the latest Hollywood gossip with this application from the E! network.

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    Many people will admit these days that times are tough. You have an economy that is struggling, gas prices fluctuating and jobs becoming harder to find. It seems during these times of change, one thing remains constant. That one thing is our desire to see what the Hollywood celebrities are doing. Whether it's following your favorite actors Twitter or watching TMZ, people are always wondering what's going on in the world of movies and music. With help from E! Entertainment Television, Inc. we now have all of our Hollywood gossip at our fingertips with this free iPhone application called E! Online.

    The first thing I noticed about this application was the extensive amount of content they have built into this free application. That's right, it is a completely free application, right off the bat that was a surprise with so much content offered.

    You have a variety of tabs to choose from to fulfill your celebrity news. Your first option is the main news page. This will have the latest breaking news on celebrities. This has all sorts of media from articles, pictures and even video. It is all laid out in a very neat and organized manner as well. Each story has a small photo to give you an idea of what they're talking about as well as a brief summary. This will be your first stop to see what's happening in Hollywood on any given day. When you are on a wifi connection the videos stream beautifully.

    The next tab, and probably the best feature in E! Online, is the E! Shows tab. This is where you can find clips from all of your favorite E! television shows. Shows like The Soup, The Girls Next Door and Chelsea Lately all offer a large amount of clips to sort through. E! Online offers about eight shows currently playing on the gossip channel, but I'm sure they will update it with more in the near future.

    E! Online offers a slew of celebrity photos from various parties in New York and Hollywood, along with a photo section called "The Big Picture." This has photos that have been taken of celebrities within the last day or so. All of the photos are extremely clear and colorful. You can sort through them by swiping your finger across the iPhone screen. To top it off, each photo is accompanied by a caption with who is in it and what they're doing.

    If you filter your entertainment attention to only certain celebrities, then you can customize a "My Celebs" list. This lets you pick and choose what celebrities you get news about. You can select as many celebrities as you want, or just leave it blank to remain getting updates of all of the celebrities.

    The "more" tab offers a few more cool features from E!. You can read articles from some of E! Channels top writers, as well as movie reviews of some of the biggest blockbusters.

    E! Online is a solid application from E! Entertainment Television, Inc. Anybody who loves to watch shows on the E! Channel will appreciate this application to the fullest. With daily updates to show clips, photographs and videos, E! Online packs a powerful entertainment punch. The best part again, is it is a completely free application. You may never have to buy a celebrity magazine because you have it all at your fingertips. E! Online can be downloaded from the iTunes application store for free.

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    Screenshots of E! Online by E! Entertainment Television, Inc.

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