Mental Molestation: iGirl: At Your Command Review

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Do What I Say

I am not sure if iGirl: At Your Command is supposed to be the cheap solution to those who cannot afford Silicon based sex dolls, or if this type of creepy entertainment is supposed to have some sort of less bizarre purpose. When looking at iGirl it does not take a radical feminist member of the anti-pornography league to see this as a little misogynistic.

3D Modeling

The game is a pretty simple design. You get a three dimensional image of a girl standing in a variety of different situations. She can be dressed as a school girl or in other clothing, depending on your fetish. Yes, you can decide what she wears, her hair color, and pretty much everything else about her.

In this exercise strait out of Weird Science, you fashion this girl and then do what? Nothing. You look at her. You can use what is normally the image stretch function to do a combination of rotations around her and to zoom in. You will notice nice details that are added to the program.

When in the classroom, she stands in as a slutty student and it says “I Will Be a Good Girl” over and over again on the board. Sometimes she will blurt out how cute you are and how she just might need a tutor. Har har.

The game does let you look at her in pretty much all angles, which provides quite a bit of stimulation if you have never seen an actual woman up close. This gets really interesting when you clad her in small bikini and zoom up close enough for the supposed motor boat.

The most disturbing part of this application is when you hit her with your finger, which inspires her to make sexually provocative sounds. This alarming feature incorrectly teaches the user that underage schoolgirls like to be hit.

Virtual Human Trafficking

The real question is whether or not you should be more offended by iGirl: At Your Command’s existence or the fact that it actually costs money. There is a free version, but it limits you so much that it makes the application even more ridiculous than it already is. The real question here is who is this for? Two out of ten stars.