Ambiance 2.0 for the iPhone Noise Machine Review

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Pursuit of Calm

I have a secret to tell you. Ever since I was a boy, I’ve always been infatuated by gadgets I could find in the Sharper Image. The little ball with lightning inside that would magically find my finger tips when I pressed them against the glass was one of my favorites. My other favorite thing was the machine that would play recordings of these great noises that I found incredibly relaxing: rain, wind and thunder. Later, as an adult, I would find myself face to face with the same machine, but unable to bring myself to pony up $100 dollars for a noise machine. Today, thanks to Ambiance 2.0, I no longer have to.

About Ambiance

Ambiance 2.0 is a huge departure from the original version of Ambiance. The original version, downloaded from the iTunes App Store, was such a huge download that it forced its users to download the application over WiFi. With the release of Ambiance 2.0, Matt Coneybeare, the developer of the iPhone app, has completely rewritten the application in a very interesting way. Users who open Ambiance 2.0 will notice a striking similarity to the iPhone App Store itself. Starting with this version of the application, no sounds are included by default in the application; instead, users sample and download just the sounds they want. Like the App Store, there is a section to show users “What’s New” and “What’s Hot.” It is even complete with a rating system. All the sounds you can download from the Ambiance sound store are included in the price of app.

Ambiance includes a plethora of relaxing noises including:

  • Rainforest
  • Rain and Thunder
  • Rolling Thunder
  • Ocean Waves Against Rocks
  • Thunderstorm in Rainforest
  • Campfire
  • Pier
  • Rain on Leaves
  • and Lighthouse on a Cliff

Ambiance even includes niche sounds such as “City Street” and “Airplane Cabin.” All in all, whether you’re looking for something to block out the world while you work, or something to lull you to sleep, Ambiance almost certainly has what you’re looking for.

Summary (5 out of 5)

For those with difficulty sleeping, I can personally attest to the usefulness of this application. My wife falls asleep within minutes now that she listens to Rain and Thunder. Ambiance even includes a timer to turn off after a set amount of time specifically for this purpose. Because of the immediate improvement in my wife’s sleep, I give Ambiance 2.0 by Matt Coneybeare 5/5.