A Review of LIght Drawing for iPhone

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Think back to childhood and you may remember a toy that allowed you to with a stick to peel back a layer of black wax to reveal an array of colors behind it. If you did it right and had some artistic skill you could do a multi-colored dog or picture of your house. Essentialy this is what Light Painting aims to do for grown ups. Though in theory a child could use it as well. The game is simple enough. You just draw with your finger. The entertaining catch however is that you are not drawing on your plain and ordinary everyday black background you can draw on your favorite photos. Or more likely on whatever photos you happen to want to mess with at the time. Want to draw a rainbow mustach and glasses on your ex’s face you can.

Settings and Features

You can set your light drawing to either one of 3 solid colors, a rainbow background or a random setting. You can also fiddle with some other settings that don’t really do that much at all. You can just skip most of those and not miss out on anything at all.


This games graphics are essentially as good as the photos that you can take. That means that you can have as grainy or as sharp an image as you want.


All in all this application is a cute one, and it costs only 1.99. To be honest even though it is kind of nifty you won’t really have a lot of reasons to use it unless you have a lot of spare time. Even if you do have a lot of it eventually you will tire of the app. Unless you have a great desire to use this app. Don’t get it if you have any doubts.