iFilmmaker Pro - Best Movie Making Tool for iPhone Users

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Film Making Course on iPhone (5 out of 5)

Trying your hand at the celluloid has become easy now. With such a user-friendly application on the iPhone, who does not want to be a perfect cinematographer, a great director, or an all-perfect actor? Movie buffs will find this quite helpful in getting to know some of the most interesting aspects of movie making learning. iFilmmaker Pro has come quite handy in learning film making tips on your iPhone. The iPhone app includes both educational as well as entertaining value in its presentation. For beginners of movie making, iFilmmaker Pro provides a complete package of film making guidelines. It contains over 1500 questions and useful tips on film making processes. Each question involves a complete web page link with detailed information on the topic.

You will find five film making subject categories in the iPhone application. The categories are editing, directing or producing, scriptwriting, acting and cinematography. You can simply click on the questions on any particular subject. There will a web page link flashing within seconds, with all the information you require. iFilmmaker Pro also allows its users to submit their own questions.

What makes iFilmmaker Pro unique and interesting is the feature that the user can score points with each question. The iPhone application shows an Active Leaderboard, where a list appears with the names of the top point scorers. This makes the application more fun and interesting.

iFilmmaker Pro is a great application not only for beginners, but experts will also find it useful enough to understand the hard tricks of film making techniques. Users can download the iPhone app from the iTunes Store at $4.99. With so much relevant information on film making processes, I don’t think the cost is that high. In order to install iFilmmaker Pro, you will require iPhone 2.0 software update on your iPhone.

What I enjoyed the most is its way of presenting the various topics on film making. Whatever queries you have regarding movie making, you will get them all by clicking on the question bar of any subject. The app will get you directly to live web page links that provide you with the relevant materials.