iJobs App for the iPhone Review: Search and Find Jobs Right on Your Phone

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Looking for a Job?

If, like millions of Americans, you are in search of a job then you may consider getting jobs sent right to your iPhone to be a good thing. In theory it sounds like a good idea. If jobs came right to your phone you can get right on top of applying without any delay and beat out your competition. It sounds like a great idea, in theory. For an investment of just 99 cents you could find the job of your dreams. It is simply too enticing to pass on by: The question is does the reality match this perfect plan?

Using iJobs (1 out of 5)

Using the application is easy enough to do. First you are presented with the choice of letting the built-in GPS find where you are or input your location manually. No matter which one you choose it takes no longer than 30 seconds to get to your job listings. Once you find one that you want (or tap “more” if you don’t find one on the main page) just tap on it to get more detailed information including how to apply.

The only major critism of this application is that it cuts too wide of a geographic swath for the average user. You will spend a lot of time sorting out the jobs that are just too far away to be at all practical for you. Now this reviewer understands that every person has a different idea of what a good commuting distance is, but while in NJ the application was giving jobs from everywhere between Glastonbury Conn to Asburn VA in a 6 hour drive from one end to the other. Not really a manageable travel distance.

Overall Review (2 out of 5)

All in all this app could have been very handy for both hard core and lunch hour job seekers but its inability to reign itself in means that you will be sorting through positions that are literally 3 states away. Best that you pass on this one.