Dictionaire - Best Pocket Lexical Database for Your iPhone

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Learning French is an easy job for iPhone users now. With Dictionaire, you can easily learn French language. The iPhone application provides word-to-word translation between French and English. With more than 38,000 word entries in both French and English languages, this pocket dictionary comes quite handy with its precise interface. The application has great features like saving or resizing word lists. You can also delete your saved word lists and make new ones. When you want to learn any French word, you can simply tap on any English word and it will immediately bring out the word description along with its French synonyms on your iPhone screen.

Dictionaire Features

Dictionaire boasts of containing more than 38,000 lexical entries of both English to French and French to English words. The application includes two directions for word search - French to English and English to French. You can change the translation directions from English to French or French to English very easily with just a single tap. This means you do not require any navigation or selection of particular word. The moment you type what you want to look for, the iPhone application opens up the list of lexemes along with its translated denotations.

User-friendly Interface

I found the search bar of Dictionaire quite user-friendly. It includes a multi-language search mode that has both English and French words with their translated synonyms. You can scroll the search result word list within seconds. The iPhone dictionary can be resizeable. You can zoom in on the word you are looking for. Besides, it will save your words for future research. There is a delete option as well for the saved word lists. Dictionaire provides a great database of word history. So it can easily remember your last word entry.

Other Advantages

You can make a collection of your saved words. So simply save the word lists and email them from your iPhone to your email address. The Dictionaire application includes database of the French and English dictionaries. Every single word contains a detailed description of possible denotations. Just tap on any word and you will immediately find the word description in your iPhone.