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Overview (5 out of 5)

When it comes to texting on iPhone, Txtpedia is one of the most useful iPhone applications. With its shorthand reference guide, the application includes more than 1500 texting, SMS and IMing abbreviations. Besides, Txtpedia will also provide you with the meanings of the abbreviations. The dictionary is quite comprehensive and easy to use. You can type the abbreviation to search its meaning. You can also search phrases in order to learn more such abbreviations. The texting abbreviations included in Txtpedia application are those most commonly used by the young generation of today in SMSing or on the Internet. Indeed, the iPhone application is a great opportunity for both young and olds alike to learn the new shorthand language of texting.

How to Find the Abbreviations (5 out of 5)

Txtpedia is designed with teenage language of texting on focus. It also includes those abbreviations most popular on the Internet. I found the interface of Txtpedia very user-friendly. Just when you start the iPhone application, you come across a list of texting abbreviations. Tap a letter to find out the list of abbreviations starting with that letter. Then you can tap the abbreviation you want, and its meaning will come on the iPhone screen. However, searching the phrases does not help much in bringing out the abbreviations. Because, there is no alphabetical search available for full phrases. When you get the list of full phrases, you need to go looking for those phrases that can be abbreviated in the application. The search bar does not support phrases and abbreviations simultaneously. I hope the Txtpedia designers will find room for further improvements.

Benefits of Txtpedia (4 out of 5)

One of the best things I liked about Txtpedia is that the use of foul or abusive language is completely blocked in this iPhone application. There is a disadvantage with this feature as you can, in no way, disable language blocking in the app. But with more than 1500 texting abbreviations, Txtpedia sounds really great. You will find all the latest texting abbreviations for SMS in your iPhone now. With such wonderful simplified interface, I think Txtpedia is definitely the best pocketbook reference for texting abbreviations. I am sure that parents and kids will find the application quite useful.