Hold The Camera Level: Steady Cam Review

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The Camera

The cell phone camera was one of the first major additions to cell phones that allowed them to become more than just a way to call work. The pictures were always blurry and pixilated, but it was still a fun way to capture moments. As new phones, and finally smart phones, started entering the marketplace, it was assumed that the camera would have developed in a comparable way. How good would the quality be? Would cell phone cameras become so amazing that they will eclipse digital cameras period? Unfortunately, that was far from the case. Even the iPhone camera, which stands heads above most on board picture takers, has difficulty getting usable images. Thankfully, there are applications that will help this process out somewhat.

Steady, Steady

Steady Cam, as the title suggests, is a program that helps you get more stable images with the iPhone camera. When you open it, you are immediately put into a twin interface of the standard iPhone camera application. From there, you can see the image framed up in the touch screen, and you are able to take a picture and store it in your picture log just as you would in the standard camera application. What Steady Cam does is make the image much less shaky and give it a better chance at coming out well. The iPhone camera tends to get high-resolution images, but it is especially prone to blurred pictures. This is partly because of the position you have to hold the camera in, but mostly because of the way the phone itself reads the imaging. Steady Cam attempts to intervene and fix some of this in real time.

Worth It?

Though it is a good alternative, the difference is not that noticeably profound. The images do come out better, but not in a very dramatic way. There are other pay applications that will likely do a better job, so if you plan on doing an excessive amount of photo taking with you iPhone then you may want to invest in one of them. Steady Cam turns out to be a good choice for those who are not willing to pay for a photo application. This really is a must-have, but only because it is the only free one. Six and a half stars.