A Review of the Easy Wi Fi App for Your iPhone

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Easy Wifi is designed to make your wireless life just a little bit easier. It’s goal is to get you connected to a wireless network with minimum fuss and human interaction. The way that this application works is by finding your wireless network in range and connects to it with no effort on the part of the user that is holding the iPhone in their hand.

When you think about it, this is realitively unique in the world of iPhone applications. There are very few applications that are designed to work in the background with little to no interaction from the end user. Most applications are designed for interactions like games, educational applications and productivity software.

This can be a helpful application provided that you do a great deal of Wi-Fi hopping and you don’t want to be bothered. The only thing to consider is that you may encounter an issue if you choose to go to a location with competing open Wi-Fi networks. If you don’t believe it then stand in your local mall between the Starbucks and the Mac stores (or any two places that offer Wi-Fi near each other).

If you don’t have to do a lot of wireless hopping during your normal back and forth then you should not be too worried about shelling out extra money for this application. To be honest this is never going to really be a need for users. Your built in wireless network manager (airport) can more than handle the task. When you use airport to connect, you have to click on a maximum of 2 to 3 buttons in order to make a connection. This is not exactly what any user would deem to be stressful. Seeing as you would have to pay for this application I would say pass it on by. It is not that it is a bad application it just seems to be a waste of money for something that is so simple to do on your own.