iPhone Calorie Tracker Review: The Best Calorie Tracking App to Count Each Bite and Step of Your Life

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How Does the Calorie Tracker Help?

Most people who are trying to lose a few extra pounds know that using a food diary to track what you eat can be a great tool to help you manage your weight. Keeping one with you can be a bit of hassle. No one wants to have to remember a separate book every day. Luckily if you own an iPhone, or even an iPod touch, you will not be needing that notebook because there is an app that can not only spare you from paper but it even does the heavy lifting for you.

The app is called Calorie tracker and it is made by the people at LiveStrong. The name Calorie Tracker is however just little bit of a misnomer. The App tracks more than just your calories it will also keep track of your intake of fats, carbohydrates and protein. It can also track your excersise and your overall weight. Each recording is broken up by day which is a benefit if you went to see just how good (or bad) you were in any given day.


The tracker has a pretty extensive library of both foods and exercises. According to the makers, it holds over 450,000 foods and 2,000 exercises. You can find what you want with an easy to access search field, and lets you toggle between different tracking screens with the buttons on the bottom of the screen. Information is displayed or simple line graphs, which are great for instant clarity with just a glance.

The only major gripe that this reviewer has with this application is the lack of available customizations. There is no “favorites” section for you to save commonly eaten foods to in order to save the user time. In addition you can not add any custom foods to the listings. This means that if you have odd tastes you may end up manually entering the contents of your peanut butter, marshmallow and chocolate sandwich on whole wheat bread. For the most part this app is good enough to use on a day to day basis and probably the most comprehensive tracker for your iPhone on the market today.