Midomi for iPhone Review: Find Music Artists and Titles by Singing, Saying, Typining, or Listening to the Song

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What Does the Midomi iPhone App Do?

Much like Shazam, Midomi is a music search engine of sorts for your iPhone. It comes in handy when we find ourselves in a situation that a song suddenly pops into our mind and before we know it, we keep on humming it over and over again silently to ourselves until we finally recall the song’s title and who sang it.

That’s where Midomi becomes useful. It lets you use your iPhone to search for the particulars of the songs. But what makes this free iPhone app so great is the fact that it lets you search for music information in four ways - sing, say, type, or grab it.

IMG 0026In sing search, you can find the information about a song by humming or singing a few bars of its line and the application will search the song’s particulars.

Say search lets you find a song’s artist by saying its name or title.

Type search lets you search for the music by typing few letters of the song’s artist or title.

Grab search lets you search for songs by holding your iPhone up to a TV or radio and it quickly picks up the song and gives you the information about it. If you don’t find those features amazing, well we certainly do.

Final Verdict

Midomi is definitely a well-designed, robust iPhone application that fulfills a simple and yet helpful task. Although, the voice recognition functionality can still be improved for recognition accuracy, the current setting works fine most of the time. It’s quite understandable why this iPhone application has been receiving great accolades. Its purpose maybe simple and utterly useless if we’re talking about productivity on the iPhone, but like we said relieving ourselves of the agony of trying to remember a song can make us more productive in the other areas of our lives. The Midomi iPhone app is free, so we really don’t see a reason why you wouldn’t want to try it out.