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Simplify your Life with iPhone Pick&Choose - Groceries

written by: NateSerefine•edited by: Wendy Finn•updated: 12/21/2009

Why carry a pen and a piece of paper when that iPhone in your pocket can track your shopping list for you?

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    Pick&Choose - Groceries

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    Shopping for groceries is not exactly my idea of a good time. In fact, I can easily think of several hundred things I’d rather be doing than standing in line to buy milk. My disdain for all things grocery has led me to try anything to simplify the process in any way I can and I can’t think of any better way than to automate the worst part: the dreaded shopping list.

    Pick&Choose – Groceries by Software Designs Dev. Corp. is a nifty little iPhone app that automates and tracks your grocery lists. Groceries offers a database of over 2000 different items in which to compose your list. The sheer magnitude of this database is evident with a simple search of the word ‘water’, which brings up everything from canned watercress to waterproof mascara. Groceries has several name brands mixed in with the generic items and also offers you the option to add your own custom items.

    Adding an item to your list is as easy as a quick search and a tap. Shopping and crossing an item off of your list is just as easy. A nice feature, though, is the ability to pick from a list of recent items of those things you just can’t seem to keep stocked in your cupboards. The app supports multiple lists for those coupon clippers who split their shopping up into different stores and even taps into the iPhone’s location sensors to map out nearby stores on Google Maps.

    The best part of this application has to be its simplicity. Its just plain fun to sit down and make a shopping list with Pick&Choose – Groceries that easily justifies the $4.99 price tag that the app carries. Anything that can help me get off the couch and get to the store, all without forgetting the eggs, is a winner in my book. Pick&Choose – Groceries is highly recommended.