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The Best iPhone Apps for College Football

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 11/29/2010

Here is a look at a few of the best iPhone apps for college football fans.

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    Playing College Ball

    The iPhone has made its way effectively into most entertainment fields so that you can not only check in on updates, but actually watch real programming right from your touchscreen. College football inspires some of the most fanatical devotion of any sport, and the iPhone allows for the perfect constant connectivity between the fan and their teams. The iTunes App Store has had its sports section developed over the last couple of years and now there are a number of great college football iPhone apps in this digital market, but there are also a disappointing number that offer only a small catalogue of features along with an unreasonable price. Take a look at a couple of the best college football iPhone apps that you can find for download from the App Store.

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    ESPN College Football Apps for the iPhone

    mzl.ctgqkvfr.320x480-75 If you are looking for an an ESPN college football app for the iPhone you are not going to find one that is all encompassing, but you will find a number of ESPN iPhone apps that will deal with college football in some way. ESPN Deportes Radio is a great option to listen to college football news on your iPhone, even though it will not be able to let you watch college football on the iPhone. ESPN ScoreCenter is again not an ESPN college football app specifically, but really will draw out the daily scores for almost all leagues including college football.

    ESPN iPhone Apps

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    College Football Live!

    The most comprehensive college football iPhone app that is available is College Football Live! This college football iPhone app mzl.jfyyepji.320x480-75 breaks down the American teams into a constant feed of information giving you not just scores, but up to the minute news as it happens. More importantly, College Football Live! is customizable so that you can stay immediately dialed into the schools that are important to you while leaving others alone. This will bring you rankings and play information, photo galleries from games, and really detailed information about your teams. The amount of content that comes from College Football Live! will actually challenge your expectations of what is possible from an iPhone app. The standard version is a free iPhone app, and College Football Live Plus! comes in at $1.99. This will add to the usability and give you an advertising free experience, which is important if you are going to be using it often during the season.

    Download College Football Live!

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    CBS Sports Mobile

    mzl.lqgycpzn.320x480-75 CBS Sports Mobile may not be billed as a college football iPhone app, but it is one of the best ways to watch college football on the iPhone. In 2009 CBS Sports Mobile made big news when they announced that they would be streaming through their software so that users could watch college football on the iPhone, and this has been continued. The video content extends beyond just watching college football on the iPhone all the way to getting specific clips and in depth analysis that you would expect from television specific programming. Since CBS Sports Mobile is a more general sports iPhone app you can get a broad range of information, but it will often be enough of a college football iPhone app to satisfy users.

    Download CBS Sports Mobile