Top Five Free Children’s Apps for iPhone

MathTappers: ClockMaster

MathTappers Clockmaster

This app will help your children make the connection between hours and minutes. It will also help them become more fluent in reading and setting time on both digital and analog clocks. What’s good about this app is that it is both an app and a game rolled into one. It has a practice mode which can support child exploration and tutoring activities and a game mode to help them practice time reading and setting. (Download link)

Craft Finder: Great Crafts from Disney FamilyFun

craft finder

If you and your kids love to craft, you’ll certainly find this app useful as it gives you instant access to Disney’s FamilyFun library of great craft ideas. These craft ideas are perfect for the whole family, especially for your kids. The app provides you with ideas suited for all major occasions, including Valentine’s Day, April Fool’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, and more. The app also let you do the following – save your favorite crafts in the planning tab, automatically save the last step you’ve completed, keep a history of crafts you’ve made, as well as step-by-step guide to doing the crafts. As an additional feature, the app also has social sharing options that let you post about the crafts you’ve finished on Facebook. (Download link)

TimesTable Lite

timestable lite

Here’s a nice way for your children to learn their multiplication tables. Developed in cooperation with teachers, parents and children, this app offers an effective tool to make learning the multiplication tables easier and more fun. The app uses visual, audio, and tactile tools in helping your children remember, understand, and retain multiplication facts easily. If your children are ready to learn the multiplication tables, this app could be a great help. (Download link)

Music Learning Adventure

music learning adventure

This is one of the most complete free children’s apps for iPhone. It’s an all-in-one iPhone app for children consisting of four sections which can also be used as stand-alone apps. These sections are – videos, flashcards, characters, and music. The app gives you 9 videos from three 3 different Juno Baby series, 3 sets of flashcard video learning and multilingual education, complete orchestral music edition CD with interactive instruments, and 5 touch interactive characters with audio feedback. Everything they need for a music learning adventure! (Download link)

101 Science

101 Science

If your children are between 8 and 12 years old, this app will challenge them with questions about Biology, Physics, Earth Science, Chemistry, and General Science. Your children can test their pals in school or even their siblings. Even parents will enjoy using this app together with their kids. Try to find out if you can beat your children’s high scores. (Download link)

There you go. Five of the best free children’s apps for iPhone. If you want to find out the best apps for children including educational games, read our previous coverage on the top five iPhone apps for toddlers.