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Valentines iPod Themes

written by: DeborahWoehr•edited by: Rebecca Scudder•updated: 7/7/2011

You do not have to wait until Valentine’s Day to enjoy the many Valentines iPod themes that are available online. Most of the themes and skins are free. If you do not like the themes that you find, you can always create a custom design.

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    Saint Valentine's Day 1861 

    Wondershare has a variety of Valentines iPod themes. You will find pictures of roses, heart-shaped candles, champaign glasses, and vector illustrations that will get you into the romantic spirit. Download the images, and then upload them onto your iPod. Free.

    Source: Wondershare

    Image Source: Harper's Weekly (publisher) [public domain], from Wikimedia Commons

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    Disney Valentine Wallpaper

    Download the classic scene from Sleeping Beauty, where the prince wakes the princess with a kiss. This wallpaper is compatible with the iPhone, iTouch, and iPad. It is also available in the following formats: Normal 4:3, Normal 5:4, Widescreen, and HD. Free.

    Source: Disney Valenine Wallpaper

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    iPhlogger Valentines Themes

    iPhlogger has six themes for Valentines. While they are not as professional looking as Wondershare, they are cute. Teddy bear lovers will enjoy the two wallpapers that are available. One has a single bear, holding a red gingham heart that says, “I Love You.” The other has a trio of bears, each with their own heart sign.

    The Candy Hearts wallpaper bring back childhood memories of parties in school. The hearts and statue wallpapers did not do much for me, but you might enjoy them. Free.

    Source: iPhlogger Valentines Themes

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    Like iPhlogger, they don’t have a slew of themes. What they do have is professional looking quality. I love the Valentine icons wallpaper. I’m not sure exactly what the background is, but the icons are a variety of hearts. The calendar icon is a pair of lips, and the YouTube icon is the male and female signs, intertwined.

    Another one I liked was the picture of two pairs of hands, holding a heart-shaped, rounded metal box. The hands are in black and white, which makes the red rose petals in the box stand out more. Free.

    Source: iPhone in Canada

  • slide 5 of 7 is one of my favorite sites because they have a wide selection of skins for a wide variety of devices, including iPods. You have 45 designs to choose from. They include Minnie and Mickey Mouse, vector illustrations, and seamless heart patterns. Design your skin to encompass the entire iPod or just the front or the back. The cost is $15 for one skin.


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    Plurk Skins

    Jeff Summers of Plurk Skins has created four Valentines themes for your iPods. Visit his blog to learn about his themes in detail and to download them. These are some of the best themes I have found for Valentines Day so far because of their rich and vibrant colors. Free.

    Source: Plurk Skins

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    I have provided a list of resources where you may get Valentines iPod themes that will suit your tastes. You don't have to wait for Valentines Day in order to dress your iPod in heart or romantic designs. These designs represent love and should be used all year round.

    If you would like to add to the list, please post a comment.