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Best New iPhone Apps in September 2010

written by: Arnold Zafra•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 9/29/2010

With the plethora of iPhone apps released every month, it can be hard to find which of these apps are really worth your money and iPhone's storage space. If you're shopping for new apps released this month, check out these five new iPhone apps and see if one or two catch your fancy.

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    GV Mobile

    gvmobile This is perhaps one of the most celebrated and much talked about new iPhone apps released this month. Well, it could also be one of the best iPhone apps in September 2010. The only problem is that Google Voice, which this app works on, is only available in the U.S. So if you have a Google Voice account and you've always wanted to use your iPhone with it, here you go, this is the app you've been waiting for - GV Mobile. What does this app do? GV Mobile lets you dial numbers via the iPhone address book, entering them on a keypad or choosing from your iPhone internal favorites. It also lets you send, retrieve, and delete SMS messages and retrieve and delete recent call history. Other features of this app include - playback and delete voicemails, take calls from different phones, and enable/disable/add/delete the phones that Google Voice forwards your calls to. (Price: $2.99) (Download link)

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    CineXPlayer I first got this app for my iPad and was completely awed by how simple it made watching Xvid videos. So when I got my iPhone 4 recently, I made sure that I installed this app there as well. If you have a collection of Xvid videos stored in your hard disk and want to watch them any time, anywhere on your iPhone 4 this app does the job. You don't have to format anything, just transfer your Xvid files, fire up the app and select the movies you want to watch. The app features full resume function, swipe to delete, and rotate lock. This app certainly made it easier to enjoy movies at their fullest resolution on the iPhone 4's retina display without giving you the trouble of converting your files for your phone. (Price: $1.99) (Download link)

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    Cartolina Quite frankly, I'm not really fond of sending electronic greeting cards and other special messages to friends or family members. Well, I'm not fond of sending the printed ones either. But hey, if you're not like me and enjoy sending out brief but beautiful messages to your friends or family on gorgeously designed backgrounds and themes - check out Cartolina iPhone app. This app lets you, well, like I said create brief, customized messages to your friends and send them via email or text. The app supports multiple languages as well as multiple recipients, so you can also use this app for sending out invitations and announcements to a group of friends. It also has a customizable calendar that you use to remind yourself of birthdays and other important events so that you'll never forget the necessary greetings. If you and your friends are using iPhone 4, you'll be awed at how beautiful Cartolina-made messages look. (Price: $2.99) (Download link)

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    Cook's Illustrated

    Cook's Illustrated I'm pretty sure that at some point you've probably encountered some of Cook's Illustrated cookbooks or magazines. In fact, you might have followed some of Cook's Illustrated's wonderful recipes, right? Well, guess what? You can now enjoy these recipes on your iPhone via the Cook's Illustrated iPhone app. The app gives you 50 beautifully illustrated all-time best recipes including a collection of popular and practical supermarket taste test reviews, recipe videos, and a kitchen timer. If you're a member of, this app is a perfect companion. Other features of the app include - recipes are grouped by cuisine or categories, recipe overview videos, shopping list, multiple kitchen timers, and more. (Price: Free) (Download link)

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    Pocket Booth

    Photo Booth This app will surely be a hit during parties. It's a photobooth that fits in your pocket. This app emulates that 1950s-era model 11 Photobooth and makes it an easy-to-use camera app that works in both the front-facing and back-facing camera of your iPhone 4. The app also lets you instantly share photos via email, Twitter, and Facebook and gives you different effects and pose options. The photos are saved on strips or exported to your iPhone 4's camera roll. (Price: $0.99) (Download link)

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