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Read Comics on Your iPhone

written by: Kristina Dems•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 8/22/2010

Reading iPhone comics may seem like a bad idea because of the size of the screen, but there are apps that make the reading experience efficient and friendly to the eyes. Here are 5 recommended comics apps for you.

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    iPhone comics can add a lot of entertainment value to your iPhone especially if you'are a fan of comics whether it's graphic novels, superhero comics or web comics. iPhone comics apps can give your iPhone the comic geek touch. Here are 5 recommended apps for your comics needs on the go.

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    Comixology Comixology The ComiXology app is an all-around comics app that supports multiple publishers, giving you a huge library of comics to choose from. The comics in this library can be downloaded and viewed using the app. You might think that the size of your iPhone will make viewing comic pages hard on the eyes, but the app takes care of that problem. The developers of ComiXology convert comics into a format for the app that makes it easy for users to read comics without putting a strain on their eyes. Its guided view feature lets you focus on the content on the comic page while keeping the layout view of the comic intact. The touchscreen interface of the iPhone is used by the app in a very efficient way. Page navigation is very smooth. For any comics fan, this is a must-have iPhone app.

    Free iPhone App (Visit Download Page)

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    Comic Reader Mobi

    Comic Reader Mobi Comic Reader Mobi This app puts the entire comic page on the screen of your iPhone. It lets you click on word balloons and text boxes so you can zoom in and read them. You can adjust the level of zoom of the app, as well as view the comic in a double page layout. The app auto rotates, giving you the best fit for the comic page you are currently viewing. You can also lock the accelerometer, preventing you from accidentally changing the layout of the comics when you're moving around. The number of page views and options in this app gives you a very comfortable comics reading experience even with your relatively small iPhone screen.

    Price: $6.99 (Visit Download Page)

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    DC Comics

    DC Comics For fans of DC Comics and DC Universe characters like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and the Flash, this iPhone app is a must-have. Using the architecture of the ComiXology app as its backbone, the DC Comics app lets users download comics from their selection of superhero comics as well as a few non-superhero titles. The app features a similar interface to that of ComiXology's, so users who also have that app installed will be comfortable using this app. DC Comics offers free comics in this app as well as paid ones, giving you a lot of choices. Downloading comics is fast, which is great news for people who like reading a lot of comics at a time.

    Free App (Visit Download Page)

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    Marvel Comics

    Marvel Comics Marvel Comics, like DC Comics, is dominated by superhero titles that star characters such as Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Wolverine, Spider-Man and the Hulk, and it shows with their available library on this iPhone app. The selection of comic titles available in this app spans comics from the 60's up to the early 2000's. Offering a smooth and easy navigation system, the app makes sure that readers get a fantastic comic book reading experience. Adding comics to the library is a little slow, but there's enough in their current selection to keep Marvel Comics fans busy.

    Free App (Visit Download Page)

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    The Eisner Award Nominees

    Eisner Award Nominees For the true fan of the medium, this app offers a look into the Eisner Awards, the most prestigious awards given in the comics industry. The app includes information on the award categories, the history of the awards and the list of nominees. It's a great way to keep tabs on the awards especially when it's ceremony time which happens every year at the San Diego Comic-Con, also known as Comic-Con International.

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