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Joke iPhone Apps

written by: luis84•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 8/1/2010

The best practical jokes always start with an iPhone. Learn how to use the ten funniest fake iPhone apps to make your friends and family roll on the floor laughing. Read the complete review and take a peek at some great screenshots for each one. Don't delay, let the laughter begin!

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    There are plenty of iPhone apps to choose from but there are only a handful that can be classified as funny iPhone apps. One very entertaining app that you may have heard of is the iPeed iPhone app. iPeed won fame for being one of the most successful spoof iPhone apps that didn't really do anything aside from provide a funny and amusing joke.

    An iPhone app is capable of doing many different things and one of the least explored uses is for practical jokes. An iPhone app is capable of both great graphics and sound effects make it the perfect delivery system for an amusing joke or a flat-out practical joke. There is no limit to how grotesque or vulgar a practical joke can be and this collection of the funniest fake iPhone apps should serve as testament to that.

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    iPeed iPeed deserves to be at the top of the list since it was the iPhone app to really open the doors to iPhone pranks. iPeed is an app for the iPhone which looks like a real virtual copy of a pregnancy test. iPeed prompts users to urinate on their iPhones and await the results of the test. iPeed is an iPhone app which takes a stressful situation such as taking a pregnancy test and turns it into a amusing moment. iPeed makes for a great practical joke and the "results" or the "pee test" are almost always unexpected and quite ridiculous. Thankfully iPeed is a just a prank for the iPhone and this iPhone app does not give accurate results regarding your pregnancy. iPeed does however give accurate laughs to both you and your friends. The owners of iPeed have recently felt the need to stress that it is not recommended to actually urinate on your iPhone, iPeed is simply a prank iPhone app! The iPeed iPhone app is not available from the iTunes Store.

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    The Ultimate X-Ray

    The Ultimate X-ray The Ultimate X-ray is yet another prank app just like the iPeed iPhone app. The Ultimate X-ray enables users to view an X-ray of different body parts using their iPhone. Upon starting this iPhone app you are given the option to choose either the hand or the arm. Furthermore The Ultimate X-ray gives you the option to select the sensitivity and to enable the accelerometer to create a more realistic effect. As the iPhone is passed over the particular body part, The Ultimate X-ray iPhone app produces an image of an X-ray on the screen. The images produced by this app are actual X-ray's although they are obviously not of you. This iPhone app does a great job at fooling friends and family and can provided a good laugh.

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    iPhone Trick

    iPhone Trick iPhone Trick is a very creative iPhone app which is actually a web app. Using iPhone Trick is as simple as navigating to the iPhone Trick Website on your iPhone, a friend's iPhone or even a co-worker's iPhone. Opening the website in Safari on the iPhone will allow you to use all the amusing features of the iPhone Trick iPhone app. Pranks including classics such as the broken screen effect, floating icons and even disappearing icons. The results produced by iPhone Trick are quite amusing and very impressive considering this iPhone app is entirely web-based and does not require any downloading from the iTunes Store.

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    Fake Calls

    Fake Calls Fake Calls is the perfect iPhone app to escape from that friend who just won't be quiet or the old lady who is always in the laundry room of your apartment building. Fake calls also makes for some great iPhone app pranks just like iPeed managed to do. Fake Calls can be used to trick friends or family into thinking their girlfriend or ex-girlfriend is calling, maybe even their ex-husband or another friend. Fake Calls allows you to utilize your imagination. Simply open Fake Calls, select a time and enter a name or phone number of a person who you want to "call" you. Fake Calls will take care of the rest and ring your phone at that exact time. Calls enter just like authentic calls would and you can even answer them.

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    Continue to page two for the remaining six funniest, fake iPhone apps!

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    Continue to read about the most amusing fake prank iPhone apps that will keep you and your friends laughing. Learn about some hilarious apps such as iBeer and many more.
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    iBeer There are very few things in life that are better than a cold beer. That is exactly why iBeer for the iPhone aims to bring the wonderful experience of drinking a beer, right into an iPhone app. iBeer features a wonderful selection of beverages from beer to champagne all in their virtual bubbling glory. Place the iPhone to your mouth and begin to tilt it back as if you were drinking a nice, cold, frosty beer directly from a beer glass. The beer will slosh down and slowly disappear into your mouth as this iPhone app tricks your iPhone into thinking it's a beverage! If you are a beer fan check out the Best iPhone Beer Apps for more. iBeer makes for great entertainment at parties, when you're out to dinner or just about anywhere else!

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    Fingerprint Security

    Fingerprint Security Fingerprint Security is the perfect application for top-secret spies who just so happen to be owners of the iPhone. Fire up Fingerprint Security and wait as this creative iPhone app creates the illusion of biometric security on the iPhone. Touch your thumb against the iPhone and watch as the Fingerprint Security iPhone app springs to life. Imitating the effect of scanning your thumb and identifying you, this iPhone app is sure to fool your friends. Fingerprint Security is both fun and entertaining, at times it is hard to tell it's not real biometric security for your iPhone.

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    Camp Fire

    Camp Fire Camping is a great experience and there is no reason why your iPhone shouldn't be a part of it. Camp Fire is an iPhone app that can turn your iPhone into a real camping tool, or rather a real camp fire. Launch Camp Fire on the iPhone and watch as this iPhone app turns your iPhone into a realistic looking Camp Fire. Trick your friends into toasting marsh mallows on the top of your iPhone and be amused as they try and get their S'mores to stick together. Even if your friends aren't fooled into thinking that your iPhone is a real Camp Fire, this iPhone app will still provide some entertaining moments.

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    Mouth Off

    Mouth Off Mouth Off is a truly unique iPhone app that is half prank, half awesome special effect. Mouth Off uses the microphone in your iPhone to help sync the movement of a virtual mouth with your actual speech. Choose one of the many different crazy character mouths and place Mouth Off in front of your face. Begin talking and friends will be torn between laughter and being impressed by the awesome effects of Mouth Off. Take Mouth Off for a test spin in the mirror and you will have yourself on the floor laughing with this hilarious iPhone app.

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    iLightr When you find yourself without a lighter there is no need to get upset, get iLightr. iLightr is an amusing iPhone app which turns your iPhone into a realistic virtual lighter. Use iLightr and a little trickery to make your drunk friends think that your iPhone can really work as a lighter. Time and time again iLightr is sure to amaze and amuse your friends and family alike. iLightr creates a realistic flame effect at the top of the iPhone screen and the bottom of the screen displays the body of a lighter. Customizable lighter types add an extra bonus to this amusing prank iPhone app.

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    iGun iGun is a very visually impressive iPhone prank app. iGun may not make your friends laugh but still, it is a pretty funny iPhone prank app. Turn your iPhone into a realistic and fully functional virtual gun. Everything from muzzle flash effects to accurate sound effects make iGun a great iPhone app. Various types of weapons make for plenty of variety with the iGun iPhone app. The only recommendation to be offered is to avoid using iGun to actually defend yourself in a dangerous situation.

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    Check out some of these other great iPhone apps to keep your friends laughing such as Fatbooth or Magic Mover.

    (All screenshots courtesy of the respective owners and developers of the aforementioned iPhone applications).