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Customize Your iPhone LockScreen

written by: luis84•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 5/24/2011

Find out how to read emails, reply to text messages, get the weather and even keep up with Twitter all without having to unlock your iPhone. Turn your iPhone lockscreen into the ultimate information tool using this handy guide to lockscreen customization.

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    Lockinfo for Customization

    There are many different options for lockscreen customization on the iPhone. The most functional and presentable option by far is a program called Lockinfo. This program was developed by David Ashman and is available via the Cydia store on the iPhone. Most applications for lockscreen customization on the iPhone are not free and Lockinfo is no exception however it is well worth the money.Lockinfo 

    For those in doubt about paying for Lockinfo you should download it and take advantage of the fourteen day free trial that comes with the program. Lockinfo, as with all other lockscreen customization programs, is available via Cydia for jailbroken iPhone's only due to restrictions on official apps by Apple.

    With a lockscreen app you will be able to do just about everything from the lockscreen of your iPhone. View alerts and new emails directly on your lockscreen, view information about new calls and SMS, check the weather, read Twitter updates and even review your calendar. Lockscreen customization with Lockinfo makes your iPhone a lot more useful and enables you to do all the basic functions without taking the time to unlock your iPhone and navigate to the appropriate application.

    Below is a very informative guide on how to download and use Lockinfo. This guide will set you in the right direction for ultimate lockscreen customization on your iPhone.

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    Downloading Lockinfo & Plugins

    1. Launch Cydia. Locate the Cydia icon on your iPhone home screen. The Cydia icon is brown with a box in the center. Tap the Cydia icon to launch Cydia.Cydia Search: Lockinfo 
    2. Go to Search. Tap the search tab on the navigation bar of Cydia. The search icon is located at the very bottom of the screen, all the way to the right.
    3. Search for Lockinfo. Tap in the search bar to bring up the keyboard. Type "Lockinfo" without the quotes using the virtual keyboard.
    4. Select Lockinfo. Select Lockinfo in the results by tapping on it.
    5. Install Lockinfo. Tap "Install" in the upper right corner of the screen. Tap "Confirm" which is in the same place where "Install" was previously. Wait patiently while Lockinfo installs on your iPhone.
    6. Exit Cydia. Press the home button to exit Cydia once Lockinfo has completed installation.

    Once you have Lockinfo downloaded you will be able to utilize all of the lockscreen customization functions that come with Lockinfo by default. Additional functions such as Tweeter, Weather and RSS can be installed using plugins for Lockinfo. Once Lockinfo has been installed with the above steps, follow these instructions to install additional plugins to enhance lockscreen customization with Lockinfo. All the plugins for Lockinfo are free to download and use.Lockinfo: Get More Plugins 

    1. Open settings. Tap the settings icon on the home screen of your iPhone. The settings icon is represented by two gears inside a gray box.
    2. Select Lockinfo. Scroll down to the bottom of the list and select "Lockinfo".
    3. Get more plugins. Choose "Plugins". Select "Get More Plugins" from the next screen. Wait for the new windows to load a list of more plugins for Lockinfo which will increase for lockscreen customization.
    4. Select a plugin. Select a plugin you wish to download by tapping on the name, such as "Lock Weather (Native)" which will enable the weather on your lockscreen via Lockinfo.
    5. Download the plugin. Tapping the plugin name inside of the Lockinfo settings screen will launch you into Cydia. Follow the same procedure for downloading a package in Cydia by tapping "Install" and then "Confirm".fo.
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    Lockscreen Customization with Lockinfo

    Lockinfo Once Lockinfo has been successfully downloaded and installed, you will now be able to begin with the lockscreen customization. Restart your iPhone after installing Lockinfo for best results. Hold the home button and power button for ten seconds until the iPhone automatically restarts.

    Lockscreen will automatically appear on the home screen. Many users do not elect to customize the lockscreen further as the default lockscreen customization provided by Lockinfo is quite good. Should you desire to change more settings in Lockinfo, follow the guide below for more advanced lockscreen customization with Lockinfo.

    1. Open Lockinfo settings. Tap the "Settings" icon on the home screen of your iPhone. Locate and select "Lockinfo".Lockinfo: Settings 
    2. Choose general. Choose "General" by tapping it. Modify basic settings inside the general settings such as the font size, hiding empty sections and header size.
    3. Choose lockscreen. Choose "Lockscreen" to edit lockscreen specific settings. Modify settings such as transparency, layout (hide clock or lockscreen slider), media controls and the option to block pop ups on the lockscreen.
    4. Choose plugins. Choose "Plugins" to edit settings specific to each plugin installed. Customizing the order in which the plugins (sections) on your lockscreen appear is also done here under "Plugin Order".

    There is another feature included with Lockinfo which isn't necessarily considered lockscreen customization however it is incredibly useful. Lockinfo comes with a feature called "Infoshade". This feature will make your lockscreen accessible anywhere on the iPhone. While browsing the web you can bring up all the cool tools from your lockscreen without exiting the program you're using. This is great for checking and replying to SMS or email while using other applications. Read the steps below to access Infoshade.Lockinfo: Infoshade 

    1. Swipe downward on the infobar. Look at the top of your iPhone to locate the infobar. The infobar is the bar that appears to be a lighter color and contains information about your signal strength, carrier, time and battery. Place your finger on the infobar and swipe downward across the screen.
    2. Use infoshade. Infoshade will appear over the top of your currently open program. Use your lockscreen from infoshade as you normally would.
    3. Close infoshade. Close infoshade by press on the thick black bar at the bottom of the infoshade (and the bottom of your screen). Infoshade will roll up and disappear.

    Learn about Cydia and How to Use Cydia here. Also, check out this great article that explains Jailbreaking Your iPhone.

    (Screenshots courtesy of David Ashman and taken using LockInfo for the iPhone)