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Best Voice Recorder Apps for the iPhone

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 7/28/2010

Here is a look at some of the best voice recorder apps for the iPhone. Why not change your phone into an iPhone dictaphone?

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    Check One

    Though the iPhone comes with its own voice recorder app built right in under the name Voice Memos, it is pretty standard for all iPhone users to try to customize this personal device with the best versions of apps they can find. The iTunes' App Store is less about ingenuity as it is about building on older ideas, and that's why it is packed full of voice recorder apps for the iPhone. Each of these voice recorder apps for the iPhone are a little bit different, trying to bring the same record functions with a little extra something that will separate them from the pack. Here is a look at some of the best voice recorder apps for the iPhone.

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    Record - Voice Recorder

    Record - Voice Recorder is a redundantly named iPhone dictaphone that brings in both a nice voice recording function and a beautifullymzl.tbrjcfkb.320x480-75  retro inspired interface, though it is simple at its very visual core. You can start by entering in a title for the voice track you are about to record in Record for the iPhone and then shake to start, or just press the button. After you are finished recording in this voice recorder app for the iPhone you have a whole series of options like putting the tracks into organized folders, emailing them somewhere, syncing them to your home computer with Wi-Fi, or compressing them to IAM4 AIFF format. You can even record the audio tracks when your iPhone is locked up, which is really great if you want to set this iPhone dictaphone to record for long periods of time during interviews or lectures. The sound quality is more than decent, and slightly better than you will get on some of the other of the best voice recorder apps for the iPhone. Record - Voice Recorder is not a free iPhone application at $1.99, but at least it is not too expensive.

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    mzl.igelmlzz.320x480-75 The iPhone Recorder has been one of the best voice recorder apps for the iPhone with the most recognition from news and tech publications. The iPhone Recorder has a dictaphone format that is much different than Record - Voice Recorder in that it is much brighter and brings a lot more options right up front. Overall the basic iPhone dictaphone functions are still in place in Recorder, but you get a few more options. One of the most interesting reasons to use the iPhone Recorder is to record phone calls, which it allows from outgoing calls. This has a whole world of functions from doing over the phone interviews that can then be used in audio or video projects, to simply spying on your friends and gathering dirt on them. The recording quality of the iPhone Recorder is pretty high at 44.1k and you can work on trimming the audio tracks with a visual interface. You get many of the same sharing options that you do with Record - Voice Recorder, such as a Wi-Fi sync and emailing of the track from your iPhone, but at only $0.99 you might find this a more attractive option.

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    Voice Notes

    Voice Notes is a free iPhone application and part of the round up of the best voice recorder apps for the iPhone. Voice Notes, in a general sense, is a simple voice recording application that will get what you need done and into the proper formatting. This iPhone app is going to be perfect for iPhone users if you want to just keep your voice memos on your iPhone and do not want to export them to another location. Be careful about deleting voice tracks, but overall this stands out as a good, basic iPhone dictaphone because of its ease of use and accessible pricing.