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Wi-Fi File Transfers between iPhone and XP

written by: luis84•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 7/15/2010

Transfer pictures, pdf files and other documents to your iPhone from XP using your Wi-Fi network. No cables required to use your iPhone as a wireless file storage device. Easy and quick to setup on both jailbroken and non-jailbroken iPhones.

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    Wi-Fi File Transfers: Options

    The idea of Wi-Fi file transfer between iPhone and Windows XP is nothing new. There are many different applications that can enable Wi-Fi file transfer between the iPhone and Windows XP although traditionally they have been complicated and required a jailbroken iPhone.WiFi 

    Having a jailbroken iPhone is no longer necessary for Wi-Fi file transfers between iPhone and XP. There are several applications available for non-jailbroken iPhones in the AppStore that will enable file transfers between iPhone and XP. These applications are not very expensive, fairly easy to set up and generally get the job done.

    Owners of Jailbroken iPhones can also transfer files between iPhone and XP without too much trouble using OpenSSH. OpenSSH comes installed on most jailbroken iPhones and will enable an SSH connection from XP to the iPhone enabling file transfers. Using OpenSSH and a jailbroken iPhone to transfer files between the iPhone and Windows XP is free and does not required any paid software.

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    iPhone WiFi Transfers: AppStore Method

    The first method for file transfers between iPhone and XP is using the popular AppStore app for the iPhone: Air Sharing. Air Sharing is available on the AppStore for non-jailbroken iPhone users and is both quick and easy to install. Once downloaded and installed on the iPhone it is possible to connect to the iPhone from Windows XP on your PC for file transfers with little effort.iPhone: Air Sharing 

    1. Download Air Sharing. Tap the AppStore icon on your iPhone. Tap the search tab and search for "Air Sharing". Tap the application and tap install. Wait for Air Sharing to install on your iPhone.
    2. Launch Air Sharing. Launch Air Sharing on the iPhone by tapping the Air Sharing icon.
    3. Select Windows. Select "Windows" at the top of the Air Sharing screen and follow the instructions for Windows. The instructions will guide you through setting up a Network Share under XP to enable file transfer between iPhone and Windows XP.
    4. Transfer files. Transfer files by copying them to the iPhone from Windows XP. Copy just about any file to the iPhone from XP and you can even view them on the iPhone.
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    iPhone WiFi Transfer: Jailbroken Method

    Should you be lucky enough to own a Jailbroken iPhone it is fairly easy and free to transfer files between iPhone and XP. Most jailbroken iPhones already have OpenSSH installed. OpenSSH is free and easy to install from Cydia. Once OpenSSH has been installed it is quite easy to initiate file transfer between iPhone and XP.WinSCP 

    1. Install SSH. Launch Cydia by tapping Cydia icon on your iPhone. Check under the "Manage" and "Packages" section to see if OpenSSH is installed. If not, go to the search tab and locate "OpenSSH". Install the package by tapping the "Install" button.
    2. Determine IP Address. Find the IP address of your iPhone by tapping on the "Settings" icon. Tap on "Wi-Fi" and the the blue and white icon to the right of your Wi-Fi network name. Note the "IP Address" and press the home button on your iPhone to return to the home screen.
    3. Download WinSCP. Download WinSCP on your Windows XP PC for free. The application is fairly small and will enable you to connect to your iPhone.
    4. Connect to iPhone. Launch WinSCP on your computer. Type the IP Address of the iPhone into the "Host" line. Use the default iPhone SSH User and Password which are "root" and "Alpine".
    5. Transfer files. Drag and drop files from your XP machine onto the iPhone using WinSCP. Dragging files to the iPhone will initiate file transfer between iPhone and XP. Files can be copied both to and from the iPhone using WinSCP.