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Hooking Up a Bluetooth Headset to an iPhone

written by: luis84•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 7/7/2010

Imagine listening to music on the go, taking calls while jogging or even gaming without wires. Open up a new world of wireless sound and music with the Apple iPhone and a Bluetooth Headset. Follow this easy guide and learn how to connect your Bluetooth headset to an iPhone!

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    Bluetooth Headsets and the iPhone

    Hooking up a Bluetooth headset to an iPhone could not be easier! Apple has done a wonderful job at integrating Bluetooth technology into the iPhone. If you need to know how to hook up a Bluetooth headset to an iPhone, fear not. The process consists of very few steps on the iPhone and a few steps with the actual Bluetooth headset.

    There are many types of Bluetooth headsets you can use with your iPhone. Some Bluetooth headsets are only capable of calls andBluetooth transmitting voice while others can be used for music. Many newer Bluetooth headsets can be used for both listening to music wirelessly and taking calls as well.

    Hooking up a Bluetooth headset to an iPhone will enable you to listen to all sounds from the iPhone on the Bluetooth headset. Everything from standard interface sounds, Youtube video sound and regular music will be transmitted to the Bluetooth headset. Sounds from video games and other programs on the iPhone are also transmitted to the Bluetooth headset once it is connected.

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    Connecting a Bluetooth Headset to an iPhone

    Hooking up a Bluetooth headset to an iPhone will require you to have both an iPhone and a Bluetooth headset compatible with the iPhone. Most Bluetooth headsets are compatible with the iPhone. For best results ensure that the iPhone has a decent charge before connecting the Bluetooth headset to the iPhone. Bluetooth on the iPhone can cause the battery to drain faster.

    1. Activate pairing mode. Hooking up a Bluetooth headset to an iPhone will require you to put the Bluetooth headset into pairing mode. Pairing mode enables the Bluetooth headset to transmit its identity to nearby devices (your iPhone) and accept incoming connections. Once the Bluetooth headset and the iPhone are paired they will be able to communicate. How to place your Bluetooth headset into pairing mode depends on the Bluetooth headset model. Check the user manual for specific details. Most Bluetooth headsets can be placed into pairing mode by holding down the pause/play button and then powering on the Bluetooth headset.
    2. Activate Bluetooth on the iPhone. Connecting a Bluetooth headset to an iPhone will also require the iPhone to have Bluetooth enabled. From the home screen tap on Settings. Select General by tapping on it with your finger. Locate and tap on the option for Bluetooth. At the top there will be a slide, ensure it is switched to the On position.
    3. Pair the headset and iPhone. Finish hooking up a Bluetooth headset to an iPhone by pairing the two devices. Once Bluetooth is activated on the iPhone and the Bluetooth headset is in pairing mode it will show up on the Bluetooth screen on the iPhone. Tap the Bluetooth headset to select it and enter the security pin as "0000" (default for Bluetooth headsets). A beep will be played back in the Bluetooth headset to confirm the connection has been established. Press the Home button to return to the home screen on the iPhone and use your Bluetooth headset with your iPhone.

    There you have it. That's how to hook up a Bluetooth headset to an iPhone.