PwnTunes – An Even Easier Way To Sync Music Without iTunes

Who Needs iTunes?


There are many different ways to sync music without iTunes. Most methods involve a specific piece of software to be installed on the computer connecting to the iPhone. PwnTunes intends to change the world of the iPhone, enabling drag & drop music syncing without the need for iTunes nor an iTunes replacement software on the computer.

The PwnTunes software changes the way to put music on the iPhone without iTunes by enabling seamless, on-the-fly importation of music into the default iTunes library, directly on the iPhone. In other words, when the default music player is opened on the iPhone it will search for new music on the device, import it and allow you to play it back. No need for iTunes.

PwnTunes truly frees the iPhone in all aspects of music playback. Any music files that find their way onto the iPhone can not only be played back, but imported into the default iTunes library. PwnTunes presents monumental opportunities for iPhone users, essentially making it possible to download, import and playback music on the iPhone without the need for a computer, ever.

Liberating Your iPhone

What you will need:

  • Jailbroken iPhone
  • Internet Connection
  • Cydia or Rock
  1. Launch Cydia or Rock. This can be done by locating the Cydia or Rock icon on your iPhone. If you do not have a Cydia or Rock icon you will need to Jailbreak your iPhone.
  2. Navigate the Sections > Data Storage. The PwnTunes file is located under the Data Storage Category within Cydia or Rock. PwnTunes is in the default Cydia/Rock repositories, it can also be found in many third-party repositories.
  3. Install PwnTunes. Select PwnTunes and press Install. Wait for the installation process to complete, it doesn’t take long.
  4. *Acquire License for PwnTunes. After the initial download the iPhone must be connect to a computer for the first time. PwnTunes will acquire a license enabling it to function.

*PwnTunes is not free, however it can be obtained through various methods and repositories without the License -or- without the need for a License.

Where To Go From Here

PwnTunes is much more than just another way to put music on the iPhone Without iTunes. Once PwnTunes is installed, the iPhone will be detected as USB Storage by any computer it is connected to. The beauty of PwnTunes is that the program is on the iPhone, not the computer, therefore it is not dependent on the computer. There are many different ways to utilize PwnTunes now that it is installed on the iPhone. We’ll take a look at them on the next page.

USB Storage Mode

  1. Connect the iPhone to any computer. Once PwnTunes is installed, it causes the computer to detect the iPhone as a USB Storage device. It is not dependent on a program on the actual computer.
  2. Drag & Drop to copy music. Simply drag music files into the USB Storage Device (iPhone). The music will copy over as with any other USB Storage Device.
  3. Launch the music player app. Disconnect the iPhone from the computer and launch the music app as normal (on the iPhone). PwnTunes will automatically detect the newly added music and import it into the music library. It is really that easy.

Wireless Method

  1. Connect via Wi-Fi. Connect to the iPhone wirelessly with a program such as WinSCP or CyberDuck.
  2. Navigate to the media folder. Navigate to var/mobile/media on the iPhone.
  3. Copy music files. Copy the music files to the var/mobile/media with the wireless client. This is usually a drag & drop process depending on the SSH (Wireless) client used to connect to the iPhone.
  4. Launch the music player app. Launch the music app as normal (on the iPhone). PwnTunes will automatically detect the newly added music and import it into the music library.

No Computer Method

  1. Download a file management program on the iPhone. There are many available, such as iFile. These programs can be obtained in Cydia or Rock.
  2. Navigate to var/mobile/library/. Open iFile (or any other file management program) and navigate to var/mobile/library/. Utilize the edit function (top right in iFile) and select Downloads.
  3. Create a virtual link. To do this click the copy/link option in iFile.
  4. Navigate to var/mobile/media. Enable the edit function by tapping edit, and then select Create Link.
  5. Rename the My Music folder. Navigate to var/mobile/library and select the My Music folder. Press rename and change the name to "My Music.bak".
  6. In the same directory locate the "Downloads(1)" folder. Select the "Downloads(1)" folder and rename it to "My Music".
  7. Download Music on the iPhone. This can be done with software such as MewSeek, a mobile torrent application or Safari Download Plugin, all of which are available via Cydia. Ensure your application is downloading music to the "My Music" folder, typically this can be changed in settings of each application. Safari Download Plugin will be setup correctly by default.
  8. Launch the music player app. Launch the music app as normal (on the iPhone). PwnTunes will automatically detect the newly added music and import it into the music library.