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Top Resources for iPhone Wallpapers

written by: Arnold Zafra•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 4/19/2010

So, you're bored with the wallpaper on your iPhone and want to find some nice, cool, new iPhone wallpapers? Here we give you six top resources for iPhone wallpapers. All of these sites offer free wallpapers that you can download and install on your iPhone.

  • slide 1 of 6 This website has hundreds of high-res, colorful and cool iPhone wallpapers freely available for you to download and use on your iPhone. The site has 17 categories of iPhone wallpapers including abstract, animals, babes, cars, cartoons, fashion/brand, female celebs, holiday events, male celebs and more. You can also browse iPhone wallpapers by the most recently added and most popular categories. Link.

  • slide 2 of 6 Claims to be your one-stop shop for iPhone wallpapers, backgrounds, themes and more. Its collection of iPhone wallpapers are grouped into 15 categories. The site also lets you request new iPhone wallpapers and offers a step-by-step tutorial on how to use their wallpapers. You can also browse for new iPhone wallpapers as well as the most popular ones. All iPhone wallpapers are free to download. Link.

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    ThemeMyPhone Here's another one of the top resources for iPhone wallpapers which happens to be a community based resource as well. The iPhone wallpapers are free to use on your iPhone. If you want to contribute your own artwork, you need to create an account on the site. The site lets you view wallpapers by the last upload and by category. There are 43 categories in all, including Art, 3D, Anime, Bikes, Boats, Aircraft and more. They also have a native iPhone app available on the iTunes App Store. Link.

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    iDesign iPhone This site boasts of daily updates of new iPhone wallpapers. Their iPhone wallpapers are grouped into 40 categories. And guess how many wallpapers are in the site right now? 10,444 wallpapers as of today. The site also lets you browse for wallpapers by date of upload. One thing I noticed about the iPhone wallpapers on the site is that most of them are very artistic and well designed. Any of their wallpapers will spruce up your iPhone's appearance. Link.

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    iPhone Wallpapers Home

    iPhone Wallpapers Home The site promises to give you an easier time finding the best iPhone wallpaper to suit your tastes. True enough, you can search for wallpapers randomly, by the latest wallpapers or by wallpaper categories, which is quite a handful actually. They've also selected some wallpapers which they classified as the best iPhone wallpapers. You can find these below the main homepage. Link.

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    Abstract iPhone Wallpapers This site doesn't have as many iPhone wallpapers as iDesign iPhone but I'm pretty sure you'll find some wallpapers that you'd love to download and install on your iPhone. In fact, the site only has around 15 categories including - abstract, babes, caricature, cars and more. You can also browse iPhone wallpapers by the newest and most popular and request a wallpaper that is not yet included in their catalog. The site also has a short tutorial on how to use their wallpapers in case you don't know how to do it yet. Link.

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