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How to Convert Videos to Watch on an iPhone

written by: CurtisL•edited by: Bill Fulks•updated: 3/24/2010

The iPhone has a built in media player so it functions just like an iPod. It plays music and podcasts, but one of the more important features is video playback. It only plays certain formats though, so this article will show you how to watch videos on your iPhone.

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    Introduction to iPhone Video

    What Video Playback looks like on an iPhone The MPEG 4 video format has been used for Apple products since the iPod video was first released. The MPEG 4 codec for iPhone is slightly different than the rest of the iPod video formats though. So if you have a movie in WMV, MPEG 1, AVI, or MOV format, you'll have to convert those videos to the MPEG 4 format with special video converting software.

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    Get the Program

    The program that you'll use to convert your videos to the iPhone format can be found by clicking here. Before we continue, you should download and install it. The software is free so you don't have to worry about paying for it. The software is known as Videora iPhone Converter and is made by a company called Red Kawa. This company specializes in making software that converts videos for playback on other devices. Once the software is installed, launch the program so you can start the conversion process.

    The Videora Program 

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    Step 1: Getting your Video Ready

    When you launch the program you'll be greeted with a welcome screen. The first step in the process is to click on the "Video File" button under the word "Convert" on the left side of the screen. Screenshot #1 This will take you to the conversion screen where you'll select "Normal mode."

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    Step 2: Finding your Video

    On the conversion screen at the bottom, you'll see a button labeled "Select file." Click this button, and use the window that opens to find your video you want to convert. After you've selected your video, you'll need to choose the output folder or where you want your video to be saved. When you select that click on the button labeled "Next" in the middle of the screen, and the last thing you have to do after that is select a title for your video. Then, just click the "Next" button. Screenshot #2 

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    Step 3: Choosing your settings

    The next screen will allow you to choose some various settings for your video conversion. Screenshot #3 You can select what quality you want your video and audio, your video size, and finally your video format. When you've got your settings as you want them, click on the "Next" button.

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    Step 4: The Conversion Process

    All that's left to do now is to click the "Start converting" button. It will take you to the conversion progress screen, where it will present you with a progress bar, and an estimated time on how long the conversion has left. Screenshot #4 

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    Step 5: Importing the Video into iTunes

    When the video is finished converting, close out of the program and launch iTunes. This is the program Apple uses to manage the data on iPhones, and this includes video files. If you don't have iTunes, you can download it here. In iTunes, click on "File > Add file to library." In the window that pops up, find where you saved your converted video you made in the previous steps. It will then import your video to the iTunes library. Screenshot #5 

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    Step 6: Putting the Video on the iPhone

    In iTunes, find the video you just imported into the library, and drag it to your iPhone on the left side of the iTunes screen. It will then add that video to your iPhone. Screenshot #6 

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    Step 7: Watching the Video on the iPhone

    On your iPhone, tap "iPod > Videos." Finally, tap the video you just added and want to play. Your iPhone will then start to play the video you've converted and added. Video on iPhone