iPhone Tips: Contacts and Calendar Settings

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iPhone Consolidation

In the iPhone world Mail, Contacts, and Calendars are often mentioned in the same breath. This is just an organizational titling that Apple uses, even though Mail often takes prominence in these iPhone conversations over Contacts and Calendars. Though Contacts and Calendars share iPhone Settings areas with Mail they have their own unique needs that differ from those of Mail.

iPhone Settings Options

When you are at the main Home desktop screen for the iPhone, select the iPhone Settings. Inside the iPhone Settings go to the third block down and select Mail, Contacts, Calendars. This option will be sitting under General and on top of Phone. Once you are inside Mail, Contacts, Calendars you will see that there is Account information on top. This deals mainly with your email account, as well as then next Mail account.

iPhone Contacts Settings

Below the Mail section will be Contacts options. The two main iPhone Contacts Settings that you will have here will be Sort Order and Display Order. These just correlate to how the names in your Contacts will be either sorted or displayed.

The Sort Order arranges them by last name and then first name. This means that if you want to find someone in your iPhone Contacts list you will look by last name. This can be switched so that it is first and then last. The Display Order decides how they will be seen, which is set as first then last. This means that even thought they are sorted by last name they will be listed first then last. Below that is a button to Import SIM Contacts, and this requires a SIM card with the appropriate contacts.

iPhone Calendar Settings

The last Settings option in Mail, Contacts, Calendars is for Calendars. The iPhone Calendars Settings start with an On/Off switch for New Invitation Alerts. This is set to On, and if you intend on using your iPhone for scheduling it should probably stay On. You can turn it Off if you prefer to just use your iPhone for things like media and internet browsing. Below that will be Time Zone Support, and you should set your appropriate Time Zone so that your Calendar will be on track.