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Going Home

The Home button is an interesting thing on your iPhone. This little round button, which sits directly below the touch screen, is like the force of reality in your iDream. No matter where you are, the default setting for the Home screen is to bring you back to square one. This will take you out of any application, iPhone feature, and any page that is not the first one. This button is customizable itself, just like the rest of the iPhone’s many part. Here is a guide to changing your iPhone’s Home button settings.

iPhone Settings

To start this out you select the iPhone’s Settings option on the Home page. You go to the top of the third section like many options before and select General. This will be sitting right above Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Once inside the General Settings go down to the fourth block and select Home, which will be right above Date & Time.

iPhone Home Button

Once you are in the iPhone Home Settings you will see that the top block is directly dedicated for the functionality of the iPhone Home button. Here you will see a number of different options for what a double click of the iPhone Home button will do. Your base use of the iPhone Home button will stay the same, but now you can customize what a double press can do.

The default setting for this will be Phone Favorites, but you can also set it to bring up the Search prompt, open the Camera, signal the iPod section to open, or have the same function that a single press of the Home button will have. This is going to be a preference option, but having this set to Search is one of the more useful functions that does not give preference to an iPhone feature.

Below these options, you will have one to decide if you want the iPod Controls to stay on the screen when playing. This is just a good idea and there is no practical reason to turn this off. After the iPod Controls question there will be an option that says Search Results. When you select this you can choose which iPhone contents will come up during your searches. This is all up to you, but most people like to keep every single item checked.