Tips for Charging Your iPhone

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Get the Charge

One of the strangest and best parts of using an iPhone is the ability to have a diversity of options when charging it. You cannot use any other type of phone charger, but since the iPod in all of its forms has infested itself in almost every area of American culture, you can be that there is a charger or connector somewhere around you. Here are some tips for charging your iPhone.

Syncing your iPhone

The best option for charging your iPhone is always going to be plugging it into your synced computer. The reason for this is that the iPhone should be synced every so often so that it can update and back up its contents. This is best for its firmware and if you do most of your iPhone charging in this situation you are going to find that you are taking the best care of your iPhone.

Wall Charger

If you are charging your iPhone in a wall charger, you have to make sure that the power connection is actually being made between the wall and the iPhone. The iPhone wall charger often falls out of the wall, or just leans out of the wall outlet so that there is no charge coming through. This can happen when you are not even near by it, so you should check every so often to make sure that there is a charge happening. If you travel a lot with the iPhone you should really get a wall charger.

Connecting on Other People’s Computer

You can easily plug into anyone’s computer with your iPhone and his or her normal connector cord, but you have to make sure that you do not allow a sync to happen. If this happens, you can place all of your media on their computer or their iTunes contents will move its way onto your iPhone and delete your contents.

Make sure that you plug your iPhone into the computer and wait until there is a prompt asking if you want to format, that way you can make sure that you select no. Even once you do, you can let it charge without a problem. This is always going to be more reliable that an iPhone wall charger.

Universal Chargers

There are varieties of universal chargers that can handle the iPhone, including ones that allow you to place it on a charging surface with several other devices. These have a variable level of success so make sure that you find out the information on the third party device that you are thinking of buying. There is no universal rule for these options.