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iMob Online Tips: iMob Online Forums

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: DaniellaNicole•updated: 10/21/2009

Here is a guide to the internal iMob Online Forums section.

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    Finding iMob Online News

    iMob Online, as one of the most persistent and loved of the free text-based iPhone RPGs, allows for a fairly open level of communication. Though PlayMesh is known for its use of open web forums, iMob Online forums are also built right in. Instead of having to search online for iMob Online forums or iMob Online news sites you can just use the function that is in iMob Online. Here is an overview and guide for the iMob Online Forums.

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    iMob Online Forum

    When you are in the iMob Online Home tab find and select Forum, which is directly above My Mob and above How To Play. At the very top of the iMob Online Forum display will be a place where you can log into the iMob Online Forums. If you are not registered yet, you can hit the Register link at the top. Once you are registered and logged in you will see a series of different threads that exist already.

    At the top of this forum list will be a link where you can create a completely new thread. Many of these iMob Online Forum threads are a type of communication between The Godfather and iMob Online players. For example, one of these threads is simply different suggestions that can then make iMob Online a top application at the iTunes' App Store.

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    iMob Online Friend Codes

    Other than the informational and communication-focused iMob Online Forum, there are many dedicated to iMob Online Friend Codes. The best thing you can do with your iMob Online Friend Code is to post it on web boards and forums in general. Now that there is a forum right inside iMob Online, this may be the best place to put your iMob Online Friend Code. You can also browse and add iMob Online Friend Codes from here, but you will have to remember that you are still going to have to go back and forth to the Invite tab to enter the Friend Codes.

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    iMob Online Tips

    The iMob Online Forum itself follows most of the rules established for web boards and forums on most websites. The only difference is that you are in a limited form and miniature display through the touch screen. It is much easier to just read the iMob Online Forum than it is to post, so that should be its main purpose.