Understanding and Altering Your iPhone Voicemail

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Voicemail Simplicity

The iPhone, for as complicated and involved as it can be as a mobile device, tries to keep it simple for most of its phone functions. This includes making sure that your iPhone’s voicemail is accessible and easy enough to use to be practical. Here is a guide to the iPhone’s Visual Voicemail system, and some easy ways to alter your iPhone’s voicemail.

iPhone Visual Voicemail

Usually the iPhone employs a Visual Voicemail service. When you open up your Phone feature on your iPhone you will see Voicemail at the far right end of the lower task bar, just to the right of the phone Keypad. Here is where you will have all of your voicemails listed, and those that have not been listened to will have a blue dot to the left of them.

There will also be the name of the person if you have their contact in your Contacts List, and if not it will just be their number. Now you can see where they are calling from and what type of phone it is, if you have entered it into their contact. Here you can select the voicemail you want to listen to and then listen to it, or hit the Call Back button if you want to return the call.

There is also a Delete button that you can hit once you have highlighted the voicemail you wanted to delete. This format is what the iPhone Visual Voicemail is, though this Visual Voicemail is not available for absolutely everyone. If you do have it the number indication on the Phone icon on the iPhone’s desktop will include both missed phone calls and those voicemails sitting in your iPhone Visual Voicemail.

Changing Your iPhone’s Voicemail Message

If you want to change your greeting message start by selecting Voicemail from the Phone menu. Then select Greeting from the upper left hand corner. After this select Custom, so you can set your own. You tap Record and then state your message into the iPhone. Hit stop when you are done and review it with the aptly titled Play button. Just hit save when you are done. You can easily use the Default voicemail message set by AT&T by hitting the Default button.