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Top 5 Apps for iPod Touch: Music

written by: Hollan•edited by: Michael Dougherty•updated: 9/25/2009

While the iPod Touch has some awesome free music apps available, there are also those you have to pay for. Get ready to shell over some of your hard earned cash for these cool iPod Touch apps.

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    While the iPod Touch has some awesome free music apps available, there are also those you have to pay for. They are awesome too, just awesome at a price.

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    Drum Kit

    Picture 5 Price: $1.99

    Want to be a drummer? Well, now you can live out your dream with your iPod Touch. Sure you won't have drum sticks or anything, but your fingers work just as well. Play along with your favorite song on Drum Kit's full kit. Who won't be impressed by your mad finger skills? Maybe real drummers, but they're all losers anyway*.

    Download Drum Kit.

    *Hollan does not think all drummers are losers.

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    Picture 1 Price: $3.99

    Play as your own one person band with this cool iPod Touch app. While it isn't quite like having Garage Band in your pocket, it is still pretty cool. Play a number of instruments, from bass guitar to piano, record multiple tracks and save sound files of your music to share with friends.

    Download Band.

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    Picture 2 Price: $0.99

    FluxTunes is a cool app for your iPod Touch that allows you to safely control your music while driving or working out, or any time you really can't look at the screen. With a few simple taps and swipes of the touch screen you can control your music easily and without danger. No more car crashes due to trying to skip that stupid Nickleback song your friend inflicted upon you! Hooray!

    Download FluxTunes.

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    Midomi Music Identifier and Search Ultra

    Picture 3 Price: $4.99

    Midomi allows iPod Touch users the ability to ID songs just by holding your iPod Touch up the speaker the song is playing out of. You can even hum or sing the song and Midomi will be able to tell you the name and artist of the song! This is great for when you have a song stuck in your head and you just can't remember what it is, or if you hear music you like and want to know who made it. Well worth the nearly five bucks indeed.

    Download Midomi Music Identifier and Search Ultra.

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    Picture 4 Price: $0.99

    For only 99 cents you too can pick up an ocarina and play simple tunes, just like Link in the Legend of Zelda (Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask). Blow into the microphone and press the touch screen to play different notes easily. You can even change the vibrato by tilting your iPod Touch! If you are a fan of Zelda, this is one magical app you just can't pass up.

    Download Ocarina.