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iPod Touch Review of UNO - Enjoy the Same Game Electronically

written by: rmervine•edited by: Rebecca Scudder•updated: 8/17/2009

UNO has been a classic card game since 1971. With today's modern technology we can take a popular family game to go. How does it compare to its card counterpart? Read on to find out.

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    The Graphics and Sounds on UNO are Great

    When I first heard of UNO being on the App Store, I got excited. UNO is one of those card games that I always have been a fan of. When UNO came out for the XBOX Live Arcade, I enjoyed it just as much as the card game. With the iPod Touch, I am also enjoying it as much. Visually the game looks stunning. The replication of the cards are perfect. Audio is another element that makes UNO feel complete on the iPod. Because of the authentic cards being portrayed, the game play feels like I am actually playing on a deck of cards

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    Single Player Gameplay Provides Many Hours of Entertainment

    Single Player offers a few options to keep you occupied. Of course, there is the traditional way of choosing to play between two to four players. Beyond traditional playing, there is a custom mode. The custom mode entails modifying the rules of how UNO was originally carried out. For example, the drawing rule can be changed. There is a custom rule for changing the draw setting from "Standard" to "Cumulative." I personally like this setting because if I have a draw two card and the player before me uses a draw two card, I can then put mine in instead of drawing cards myself (traditional rules state that I would lose my turn.) Then if the next player does not have a draw card, he would have to draw 4 cards! It really makes the time fly by. Single player also incorporates a tournament mode. This mode involves playing against a different number of players and playing outside the UNO rules that are the same as choosing a custom game. Tournament invokes a variety of ways how UNO is playing. It also teaches strategy, which can improve your own card game. A great feature which improves the lasting factor is the rewards that can be earned. Rewards can be earned by doing various tasks such as being the first to call UNO in a game or being able to successfully challenge a player. These rewards, in return, give additional features such as new player icons and gaming backgrounds. It really reminded me of how the Xbox Live Arcarde provies the same feature.

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    Multiplayer is Available Too

    While single player is interesting, Multiplayer is needed to really give UNO that replica of the card game. Something that I really enjoyed is the "One Device Multiplayer" mode. This mode consists of taking the iPod Touch,playing my card,and then passing it on to another player. There is a button to press to clear the previous player's card so that there is no peeking. My wife and I enjoy playing this mode while waiting in lines. It really passes the time and it only requires one iPod Touch. Now if there are multiple iPod Touch units around in a Wi-Fi network, I can play a local multiplayer mode of each other's iPods. I didn't notice any lag in drawing the cards. For a more global approach, there is the online multiplayer mode. I played it a few times. My only gripe is that there is hardly anybody playing online. It doesn't have the large fanbase compared to the Xbox Live Arcade. Also, there is more lag. However, local multiplyer is the key to allowing traditional play of UNO

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    Conclusion and Rating

    Rating Average

    Gameloft's UNO really brings the traditional gameplay to an electronic form. The user experience involves hours of fun for both single and multiplayer. Also, the replay value is high as most card games are. The reward mode encourages a desire to get all the rewards. Rewards is a refreshing feature that I am starting to see in a lot of games for Apple's mobile platform. The price of $4.99 may be a deterrent for some who are looking to buy. However, take this into perspective: the price is less than paying for a deck of actual UNO cards. If you are a fan of UNO, this is a definite buy and won't burn your wallet for hours of entertainent. Gameloft's UNO can be downloaded from the iTunes store.

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