Guide to Free Promotional Offers for Racing Live and Rockstars Live

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The Eye of the Storm8

Storm8 is trying to rival companies like PlayMesh and The Godfather for domination of the middle earth that is the App Store. The new weapons of this war seem to be free cheat points, which are normally for sale and the only way that companies like Storm8 and PlayMesh make their money. Storm8 often does one better by offering up a number of promotional points for downloading the points for other games. This is done to keep players going back and forth between several of Storm8’s arsenal. Here are a few of the promotional offers and free points for Racing Live and Rockstars Live, two of Storm8’s most popular free iPhone games.

Racing Live Free Prestige Points

The main promotional offer for all of these titles, including Racing Live, is free Prestige Points. The most recent offer to get people to continue with Racing Live is a set of free Prestige Points of a sizable number. Racing Live 40 Prestige Points is one of the top offers right now from Storm8 and an essential free Prestige Points package. On top of the free Prestige Points you will also get some updated graphics and technical repairs.

Racing Live 40 Free Prestige Points

Rockstars Live Free Reward Points

Rockstars Live is one of the most unique and exciting of all of the Storm8 games, and the free Reward Points package is essential to success. Rockstars Live 60 Reward Points is a very large set of free Reward Points and one of the main reasons to continue playing Rockstars Live. Without these free Reward Points you will not be able to be competitive against the other Rockstars Live players. Do not expect much more from this download than just the free Reward Points.

Rockstars Live 60 Free Reward Points

In the Future

This is only a small portion of the releases that have come from Storm8 recently. In this way you can expect to get more releases of free Prestige Points and free Reward Points in the next coming months, not to mention more free cheat points for other Storm8 games. There are also currently free promotional offers for games like Vampires Live, World War, Kingdoms Live, and iMobsters.