Represent for RPGs: Epic Pet Wars Review

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Epic Pet Wars came before Epic Soldier Wars and itself redefined some of the parameters normally observed by MMO text-based iPhone RPGs. On the surface, it looks as though Epic Pet Wars has combined the text RPG phenomenon with a pet simulator, and in a sense, it has. Beyond this, Epic Pet Wars has taken the primary way that these games are playable and has crafted it and added elements all over the place. What you have then with Epic Pet Wars is a free iPhone game that takes all the best things from its peers and then builds a new digital piece that will change and reposition the expectations for all iPhone gamers. Epic Pet Wars is not a perfect game, but it is as good as we can get in this field so far.

Epic Quality

With Epic Pet Wars you take your own cuddly hybrid creature and use them as a focal point for your MMO RPG characterization. With this, you go through many of the same MMO iPhone RPG functions in more detail. This includes things like completing Training for money and experience, purchasing a variety of items from the item shop, and dealing with a number of interconnected statistics and scales. Along with this is the ability to actually switch your Epic Pet Wars character pet, which ends up being a graphically bouncing item that ranges from “aw” inducing cute to cartoon ferocity.

Epic Pet Wars Friend Codes and Facebook

Included in this is an Epic Pet Wars Friend Code system that borrows from other games and makes it more complete. Beyond simple Epic Pet Wars Friend codes there are a whole host of ways to add people, including syncing up with your Facebook account. This diversity allows you the same fervor that Epic Pet Wars Friend Codes with and also a whole host of new options. If you have Facebook, then this can be the best feature of your Epic Pet Wars account.

Download Please

Everything here in Epic Pet Wars is in tact and for all those who currently play into these new iPhone addictions then this is the perfect title for you. There is enough in this gameplay that you will be attracted back to your touch screen for small hits of Epic Pet Wars text type. If it is not currently the best MMO text based iPhone RPG available right now then it is still in its company. Eight and three quarters stars out of ten.