Zombies Live Tips: Zombies Live Loyalty Points

Zombies Live Storm8

Zombies Live, as one of Storm8’s newest releases, takes the MMO text based iPhone RPG genre and gives a cleanly realized title with all the fixings. Here you get everything you have come to expect from Storm8’s design, including the use of Traps for receiving food on a consistent basis, missions for food and experience, a fighting system so that you can compete with other Zombies Live players, and a Zombies Live Horde Code system so it is easy to add to your Zombies Live Horde. Like the other free iPhone games in Storm8’s library Zombies Live offers a pay to cheat system in the form of Loyalty Points.

Visiting the Lich

When you are at the main Home page in Zombies Live go and select the Lich, which is in the left hand column below Traps and above Butchery. When you are in the Lich you will see a brief explanation of Zombies Live Loyalty Points and then you will see how many Zombies Live Loyalty Points your account has currently. Below this are several options for spending your Zombies Live Loyalty Points. When you find an option, you want to simply hit the Accept button to the right of it and the purchase will be made for the number of Zombies Live Loyalty Points that were indicated.

Free Loyalty Points

At the bottom of the Lich you will see offers for Zombies Live Loyalty Points. Many of these will be free Loyalty Points packages for Zombies Live. The top one of these will give you twenty free Loyalty Points for Zombies Live for installing a set of ten iMobsters Favor Points. The next one will give you twenty free Loyalty Points with no attached demands. You can also get this free Loyalty Points package at the iTunes’ App Store. This Zombies Live free Loyalty Points package is currently one of the top downloads in the free section of the games department, and will be available for quite a while. Storm8 attempts to create synergy between all of its games so there will often be free Loyalty Points offered for Zombies Live for installing other games. On top of this updates for Zombies Live are eminent that will give you free Loyalty Points. Like with the rest of the Storm8 free iPhone games you can buy Loyalty Points packages from the App Store, but the best Zombies Live tip available is to wait for when you can get free Loyalty Points packages.

Zombies Live Tips

When you are ready to spend your Zombies Live Loyalty Points you need to itemize what you have and what will give you the best use. A great Zombies Live tip for new players is to avoid leveling up until your account is so well packed with food and Abilities that you will be on top for many levels to come. In this situation any amount of food that you can get for free is great. This is the best place to spend your Zombies Live Loyalty Points early on. You can also use these Zombies Live Loyalty Points on your Horde, but since you use Horde Codes this may not be the most economic use. It would be better to go online and find Zombies Live Horde Codes as well as post your Horde Code everywhere you can. Zombies Live Horde Codes are relatively easy to come by and replacing a Horde Code with Loyalty Points is expensive.