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Barnes & Noble iPhone eReader Review

written by: Arnold Zafra•edited by: DaniellaNicole•updated: 7/31/2009

Barnes & Noble's eReader for the iPhone is a cool and useful app that lets you purchase eBooks' directly from Barnes & Nobles online bookstore, download them on your iPhone and read the eBooks anywhere, anytime. It's a free iPhone apps and possibly one of the best iPhone eBook Reader too.

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    Barnes & Noble' Reader for the iPhone

    Barnes & Noble eReader When Barnes & Noble announced the release of its eReader iPhone app, the first question I asked was how different it would be from the Amazon Kindle iPhone app? Obviously, BN is touting its eReader as a direct competitor to Amazon's Kindle iPhone app. Both iPhone apps after all practically do the same thing - bring their collection of eBooks to the millions of iPhone users. Both iPhone apps also let users connect to the companies' respective online eBookstore. What's so good about Barnes & Noble though is the fact that it offers this service easier and less complicated than Amazon does. And yes both the BN's online eBookstore and iPhone eReader are available to users anywhere in the world where the iPhone is already available. So that gives BN an edge over Amazon. Now let's get on with the Barnes & Noble's eReader iPhone app's features.

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    Barnes & Noble iPhone eReader Features

    Barnes & Noble eReader for the iPhone provides you with access to BN's eBook collection. That's roughly around half a million titles of eBooks available for download to your iPhone anytime. But of course, those eBooks come for a price which starts from $4 to as high as $10-$20 depending on how popular and on-demand the eBooks are.

    If you haven't shifted to eBook reading yet and still stuck with the habit of reading books in its printed form, maybe now is the right to start embracing the future, if not the present of book reading. To get you started, Barnes & Noble's iPhone eReader app comes with several free eBooks including classics such as Sense and Sensibility, Little Women, Pride and Prejudice and Dracula.

    A good feature of Barnes & Noble's eReader is the fact that it provides you with free storage of your eBooks on its server. That means you can access your eBooks anytime, anywhere from your iPhone or your computers, be it a Mac or PC.

    Drilling down to BN's eReader iPhone app's features, we get the following:

    • adjustable text sizes
    • multiple font options
    • backgrounds and text color options
    • tap or swipe control for navigation eBook pages
    • coverflow interface for eBook library
    • free online library backup
    • 24/7 online eBook shopping

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    Our Verdict

    Rating Average

    Like I said, Barnes & Noble's eReader is possibly one of the best eBook reader for the iPhone. There are quite a number of eBook apps for the iPhone but most of these apps, aside from the Kindle iPhone app has no connection with an online eBookstore. Well, yes there are free eBooks scattered on the web but most if not all these eBooks are publicly available titles. This is what BN's eReader iPhone provides - access to the hottest and most popular books in their eBook versions.

    BN's eReader is a free, robust and feature-rich iPhone app. These three are enough reasons for you to get this iPhone app.

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