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Must Have IPhone Apps for Dads

written by: R. Elizabeth C. Kitchen•edited by: DaniellaNicole•updated: 6/28/2011

This article focuses on the best iPhone apps for dads. It lists and discusses these apps as well as lists the price of each app.

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    The iPhone has several apps that are perfect for dads. These apps include everything from golfing to carpentry to tracking their gas mileage and everything in between. These must have iPhone apps for dads will help dads with household chores, budgeting and even with planning and tracking their hobbies.

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    This must have iPhone app for dads is perfect for dads who enjoy golfing. GoldCard is an app that allows users to keep track of their scores and analyze game trends. This app helps users find gold courses in their area with its GPS range finder and it can also track ball distance. When dad is done for the day he can email his scores to all of his friends or he can choose to upload them to, a social networking site for golfers. This iPhone app costs $7.99.

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    This must have iPhone app for dads replaces the tool belt because it includes five different carpentry tools. The most useful carpentry tools include a protractor and a bubble level. This app allows dad to hang pictures, verify floor tile heights, plan roofing and some remodeling jobs and much more. This iPhone app costs $1.99.

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    This must have iPhone app for dad helps dads save money and keep up with their vehicle's routine maintenance. It includes a way to track vehicle upkeep and gas mileage. It allows users to calculate overall gas efficiency, total miles per gallon per trip, total gallons of gas used, price per gallon and overall cost. This information can be charted over a period of time so users can see where they are saving and spending and they can email this data to themselves as well as set up routine vehicle maintenance reminders. This iPhone app costs $9.99.

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    Grill Guide

    This must have iPhone app for dads helps them truly become masters of the grill. This app allows users to measure the thickness of the meats they are cooking and then use these measurements to calculate cooking time. It includes information for 95 foods including steak, chicken, salmon, pumpkin and lamb. This iPhone app costs $0.99.

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    Hundred Pushups

    This must have iPhone app for dads helps dads get into shape. It is a six-week program that allows users to chart their progress and follow a pushup training program to help improve their upper body strength. If they want to challenge themselves farther they can also try the Twenty Chinup and Two Hundred Squat iPhone apps. This iPhone app costs $1.99.

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    5,800+ Drink and Cocktail Recipes

    This must have iPhone app for dads allows them to be the bartender. It contains more than 5,800 drink recipes for dads to mix and share at parties and on holidays. It's simple to use and lists all necessary ingredients and their measurements. This iPhone app is free.

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    This must have iPhone app for dads is a must for all sports lovers. It helps users locate sports bars and provides the address, phone number and direction of the bars. Users can choose their favorite sports team and this iPhone app will match them with sports bars who are showing their team's game on the big screen. This iPhone app is free.

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    This must have iPhone app for dads helps him stay organized all year long. It allows users to record personal notes and record due dates and tasks. It's an easy-to-use organizer that also syncs with an included desktop application. This iPhone app costs $9.99.