iPhone 3.0: iPod Play Control Features

iPod 3.0

iPhone 3.0 affects both the normal cell phone functions and applications in the iPhone as well as the iPod section. The control over your media has be heightened through the iPhone 3.0 update, giving much more access to specify where you want things to be in the course of a song or video. Here are some of the new features to the iPod play functions brought by the iPhone 3.0 update.


Scrubbing is a term that is used in video usually for going forward or backward in a piece of media by controlling the progress arrow. Since the entire progress bar has a point so you know where you are in the general time of the piece you then select it and go forward or backward to “scrub” to the point you want to be at specifically. This entire scrubbing feature on videos and audio tracks has been polished in iPhone 3.0. If you press your finger down on the progress ball lightly, it will respond to the left and right movement to where you want it to be. When you actually have your finger running along the regular progress bar you are going to be going forward or backward at an enhanced speed. If you do it just a little bit below the progress bar on the graphic or video area and you will be scrubbing at half speed.

30 Seconds

Instead of using the accuracy of scrubbing you may want to just jump back a bit. You can do this in the iPhone 3.0 updated iPhone iPod by hitting a “back thirty seconds” button below the progress bar. Unfortunately, this is a feature that only works for iTunes purchases audio and video.

Shake to Shuffle

One thing that can be either a problem or a benefit, depending on your preference, is the shake shuffle setting. This setting is naturally applied when you first update your iPhone to iPhone 3.0. What this does it make it standard to shuffle through an album when you shake the iPhone while listening to the iPod. This can be awkward when you are listening to a song on the treadmill at the local gym. If you want to turn this off you just go into the Settings icon and go down to iPod. Here Shake to Shuffle will be the top option, and you can just turn the setting to OFF.