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iPhone 3.0: New Text Message Features

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: DaniellaNicole•updated: 7/4/2009

Here are some guides and tips for the new text message features offered by the iPhone 3.0 update.

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    It’s not just the general typing functions that have had an overhaul with the iPhone 3.0 update. The entire text message system has been added to and made more functional, possibly as an apology for the fact that iPhone 3.0 still does not give you MMS messaging. Beyond the cut and paste and redo functions you have the ability to really work with text messages and do some exciting things to save time and extend possibilities.

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    Deleting and Forwarding Individual Messages

    It used to be that you were unable to delete specific messages from your text message area without deleting an entire conversation. iPhone 3.0 changes this and allows you to target just a single text message. Open up one of the text conversations that you have been having. Go to the upper right hand corner and hit the Edit button. Now the format will change and you will have the ability to select an individual text block and then hit the red Delete button in the lower left hand corner. If you select several text blocks by tapping them and giving a red check circle to the left of them you can then just press Delete and remove the messages. The same process goes if you want to Forward these messages. Just select one, or several, little text blocks in this Edit mode and then hit the Forward button in the lower right hand corner. You will then put the text, or series of texts, into a text message that you can send to either one or multiple people.

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    Typing While Sending

    Another thing that is allowed by the iPhone 3.0 update is that you can watch the progress as a message is being sent and then work on another one. This means that you can end up working faster as you can type while the previous message is still in the process of being sent. This iPhone 3.0 change really speeds things up as the previous incarnation froze things up while sending text messages.

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    Along with this is an easy way to retry sending failed text messages with the iPhone 3.0 update. If your message did not go through properly, you will be notified with an exclamation mark on your message and will be given the option to resend it.