Working With Your iPhone Favorites List

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Picking Favorites

The Favorites list in your Contacts List is a nice way to itemize phone numbers and contact profiles when you have huge numbers of contacts. Instead of having to scroll though hundreds of numbers to find your Aunt Linda’s cell phone you can simply dot over to your Favorites list and switch through only a few dozen at most. If you are going to maintain a good Favorites list, you need to both know how the system works and how to organize it.

Adding to Favorites from Contact List

When you are going through your Contacts List and you find a contact you want to add to your Favorites list first tap on it and select them. Once you are looking at their Profile, you will see an option that says Add to Favorites. They will then ask you to pick which number from that contact you want, as long as there is more than one number on that profile.

Adding to Favorites from Recent Calls

If you just want to add someone who has recently called you to your Favorites list without going to their Contacts List profile, or without creating a full profile, you can do that just as easily. Find the number in the Recents list and press the blue right hand turned arrow next to the time that they called. When you do this, a temporary profile for that number will come up with some of the same profile features of normal contact profiles. Go ahead and hit the Add to Favorites button that will be in the middle right.

In the Favorites List

The Favorites menu is on the far left tab in the lower task bar of the phone call tool in your iPhone. If you want to call someone from this Favorites list, all you have to do is tap them, which will then automatically call them just as if they were in the Recents list. If you want to delete some of these numbers, go and press the Edit button in the upper left hand corner. You will see red dots with a horizontal white line in the middle appear on the left hand side of each contact. Find the one you want to delete and press that red circle, which will turn the white line vertical. A red button will appear on the right hand side that says Remove, which you then press to get rid of the number from your Favorites list.