The Best iPhone Skins and Where to Get Them

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Getting a shiny new iPhone or iPod touch is a great experience; you enjoy looking at the shiny new touch screen and the sleek metallic back of the case. It is great, until you notice the two big problems with this theory:

1. Your iPhone/iPod touch looks just like everyone else’s. Leave it on a table next to someone else’s (a sibling, friend or coworker) and you can easily end up grabbing the wrong device and getting all of the way home with it before you realize.

2. That shiny back on your phone has become a magnet for every smudge, fingerprint and piece of goo that you happen to encounter.

The Sites

So, now you need a way to keep your iPhone generally smudge-free and make it stand out from the crowd. Luckily for you, this can be done both quickly and easily with a skin. The only question now is where you can get one. Some of the best places to get yourself an iPhone skin are:

Decal Girl


Skin It

Types of Skins

Now that you have an idea of where to get yourself a skin, let’s talk a little bit about styles of skins that you may encounter while shopping.

Full back only skins: These skins, as you have probably guessed cover only the shiny back of the phone.

Faceplate only skins: These are extremely rare, and usually must be custom ordered. They cover the front (except for the touch screen and home button) and wrap around about an inch of the back in one solid piece. They are difficult to apply evenly but still allow you to see any custom engraving on the back.

Full back and front plate skins: The most common type these models have a face plate on 1 piece and a full back plate coverage. Since they offer the most protection and design space, they are preferred by manufacturers of the skins.

Now that you know where to get the skins and what kind of skins are available to you, enjoy your skin shopping. Just remember not to spend too much on the skin unless you know that you are not going to be replacing it in six months when you get sick of that design.