How to Fix iPhone Safari Crash & Tips to Prevent Continual Crashes

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Going on Safari

The iPhone’s Safari application is surprisingly stable for being on a smart phone and on a 3G network. Even though it works the majority of the time like all browsers the iPhone’s Safari is bound to crash now and again. There are a number of ways to both prevent Safari crashing and to deal with it if it does happen.


The first thing to consider in the prevention of Safari crashing is to not run multiple tabs. Apple has developed the Safari mobile on the iPhone to run multiple tabs that you can shuffle between, but running more than a couple puts you at major risk for Safari crashing back to the home page. Try keeping it to two or three at the most on the majority of occasions and if you end up having a number of tabs open try to close them when you are done using Safari otherwise they will stay open.

The other things that attach themselves to your web traffic are a good thing to get rid of. To clear out your cookies and history you can simply go to the Settings icon on your iPhone home page and select Safari. From there you press Clear Cookies and Clear History. You can also hit Clear Cache, but it is not always necessary. You should also make sure that you are up on your iPhone updates, especially when it comes to the most recent incarnation of the iPhone firmware.

After Safari Crashes

If Safari does end up crashing there are a few things you can try to rid yourself of whatever error caused the crash to begin with. After it crashes go ahead and open it back up and then put the phone in sleep mode. After start the phone back up you may see that this was enough to take care of whatever the problem was. If this does not work out you should go through the entire process of shutting the phone down and then rebooting it. After you do this go through the simple prevention tasks and then try out Safari again. Hopefully Apple will fix the iPhone Safari problems soon, but until then we just have to make do.