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The Best Free iPhone Apps for Weight Loss

written by: KateG•edited by: Leigh A. Zaykoski•updated: 6/30/2009

If you are looking to your iPhone to help you shed those unsightly pounds then the applications in this article are the ones you want. With the best interfaces and the most useful features these can help you to stay on track and meet your weight loss goals.

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    There are a lot of Apps that are designed to help you lose those extra pounds! Some of them are absolutely phenomenal while others leave a lot to be desired. Knowing which ones to buy and which ones to pass on by is not always easy. That’s why we here at Bright Hub have compiled a list of some of the best weight loss apps for your iPhone. That way you can download with confidence and ease.

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    Lose It


    This application is an extremely efficient exercise and calorie tracker. You can pick foods from the relatively extensive list or add custom information. The same is true of exercises. You can set long or short term goals and track your progress on charts. All in all this application may not have the pretty interface of paid apps but it is clean, easy to use and very comprehensive.

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    Yoga Stretch


    This application allows you to have routines made for you with a custom setting for duration ranging from 10 minutes to 23 hours. It also has a nice selection of music and the ability to turn the instructor on or off at will. If you get stuck on a pose you can always forward through it.

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    Fitness Calculator


    This is a useful application that allows you to figure out everything from you current BMI to your ideal weight, metabolic weight and the calories needed. If you only need a basic tracker for the gym this will do you in good stead.

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    On The Go Pilates Lite


    If you want to get in some Pilates on the go but you need video instruction to do it then this is the best way. The Lite version has 3 options: Warm up, Legs, and cool down which is enough to get you started. If you enjoy it then you can upgrade to the paid version if you really feel like you need to.

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    Nike Training Club


    If you want a personal trainer style work out done custom each day then Nike’s here to help you out. The only downside is that you will have no control over what exercise comes up. The upside is high quality video and an active community that you can get included with.

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    Now, you have a variety of no cost options at your disposal go ahead and start downloading. Before you know it you will have a whole new body.