iMob Online Tips: Setting Up Your Defense with Weapons, Defensive Items, and Vehicles

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Block That!

Defensive items are one of the more complicated aspects of iMob Online to use correctly. When trying to apply tactics to become a top iMob contender you have to slightly alter your approach to defensive items. There is a certain way to approach these to bring up your chances for survival and success.


The first thing you have to do is continually do the level calculation to see exactly what you can carry. This means two things that have to be mathematically applied. First, the number of people that can attack in any given fight is five times your current level. Second, no more than your current number of mobsters can fight. Third, each member of your iMob Online family can carry one weapon, one defensive item, and one defensive vehicle. Anything more than this is just extra waste.

Yard Sale

The rule often is with weapons is that when new ones become available you should sell off the stock of the inferior ones and use it to stock up completely on the new ones. The reason for this is because of the limitations in the calculation and many of the inferior weapons will be used instead of the superior ones. This tactic should not be immediately applied for defensive items and weapons. If you begin selling off all of the inferior weapons immediately you may end up with not quite enough to go around. In the end it is better to have a few superior defensive items and vehicles and then a number of inferior ones as long as every member of the mob is covered. Once you get to a financial position where you can upgrade to the best available for every member of your mob then your should sell of the entire early inventory in your iMob Online account.

The Ride

Though this should be done both for defensive items and defensive vehicles, the vehicles present a unique challenge. The reason for this is that superior defensive vehicles always have a higher upkeep cost. What this means is that before you decide to make the upgrade you should halt at the level you are at for quite a while and begin buying up as many pieces of property as you can. This way you will increase the annual cash flow in your iMob Online account.


Also keep in mind that selling off old defensive vehicles and items may limit your ability to do lower level missions. This is not a bad aspect since those should be avoided anyway, but consider it if you are continuing with them.