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Blame it On the Dog: Comparing Free iPhone Fart Apps

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: DaniellaNicole•updated: 2/9/2009

If you want a fart application there is no reason to pay.

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    Free iPhone Fart Apps

    Could it be that the most important use of the iPhone is to disgust your friends and play elaborate practical jokes on your co-workers? Around Christmas time, the “pay” applications at the App Store changed almost daily. As people received iTunes gift cards for the holidays they began purchasing applications in almost record numbers. Though many pieces of software graced the top list, iFart still persisted. The price may only be a dollar, but there is still no reason to pay for an application like this when there are so many available free.

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    Fart for Free

    One of the best and easiest to use is simply called Fart for Free. When you open the program you are simply given sixteen numbered cloud buttons that you can press for a pre-programmed fart sound. These range from brief hardly noticeable bursts to persistently long celebrations of gas.

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    Mega Fart

    Mega Fart is also an interesting use of this idea, mainly because it gives you more information about your selections. Instead of memorizing the sound according to the number, you get things like Wet or Anxious to describe the sound. However, this does lead the audience to debate over the exact nature of anxious farts.

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    Atomic Fart

    Atomic Fart sports probably the largest number of features along with its catalogue of useful fart sounds. You get thirty sounds as opposed to the other measly number sported by competing software, and you are able to do things like set timers or use the iPhone’s motion sensors. This will take care of almost all of your fart phone needs!

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    Fart Cushion

    Fart Cushion is a little bit different as fart generating iPhone applications go. Instead of just going with the standard fart sounds according to button settings, you deal with a “whoopi cushion” to make fart sounds at will. This uses the motion and touch sensors to give you freedom in flatulent impersonation. There is another application that provides a similar experience under the actual name Whoopi Cushion, but the ad support is a little annoying.

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    The oddest of these already peculiar free applications is I LUV TO FART!, if only because the name conjures the image of the smelly kid at the back of the bus. The game brings an almost identical experience to Mega Fart, but this time round you get to explain to your friends why an application with such a name has such as ripe spot on your phone desktop.