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Guide to Downloading Podcasts on Your iPhone

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 1/6/2010

Learn about getting podcasts onto your iPhone, and even recording them with it. This guide will go through the ways you can use your iPhone to get the podcasts you normally get on your computer right on the iPhone.

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    Podcast Vs. Radio

    Podcasting is another element of the personal revolution that is happening with home electronics. No longer are modes of communication and expression regulated just to the wealthy elite granted special clearance to be heard. Now anybody with a computer and minor recording apparatus can made their own podcast and make it available to an international audience. Normal people are now picking up on this and listening to them in a fashion that actually rivals talk radio. Since podcasts tend to be large files that are hard to download you used to have to actually plug in your phone to your computer to get them from iTunes, but there really is a simple method to do this completely on your iPhone.

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    Using Wi-Fi to Download Podcasts

    You are going to have to use Wi-Fi for this because the file size is too large for a 3G connection, so make sure it is activated. Connect to an available network where you are at, the faster the better. On your first page go to iTunes and enter the specific name of your podcast into the available search option. They will come up quickly and be available for download directly on to your phone.

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    Fixing Possible Issues That May Arrise

    If you are not connected to a Wi-Fi network it will let you know that the file size is too large and you will have to connect to one. Remember, if you have subscribed to a podcast, as many people do, you are going to have to get through this process every time that you want to update your podcast collection. It may be better to just go ahead and connect to iTunes via you computer if you are downloading or updating a number of podcasts.

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    Apps for Podcasting from Your iPhone

    There are even new applications that allow you to podcast right from your phone. Talk Shoe, among its other functions, allows you to record a podcast from your phone or through a call. This can then be shared with the rest of the community, or converted to your iPod section. From here you can upload it onto your computer and share it around the web. It tends to be an easy transfer, even for new iPhone users.