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Redeeming Promotional Codes on Your iPhone

written by: Shane Burley•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 12/23/2008

Here is a quick and easy way to redeem application promotional codes without having to plug your phone into your computer.

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    Promo codes can come from a variety of sources, whether given to you by the manufacturer or as a gift. They will then let you get things from iTunes or the App Store for free, using the codes as a sort of gift certificate. These can be difficult to use and you can end up paying for the item before you have a chance to use the promo code. There is an easy way to do this right from your phone without even plugging it into the computer. This can end up saving time and effort so instead of running around looking for your computer connector, you can just download and install it while on the road or airplane.

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    Doing it From Your Phone

    Technically you are supposed to do this from the actual desktop computer, but this is difficult for those who are in constant transit. Instead you can just open iTunes on your home page of your phone and then hit Downloads. From here, find and press the Redeem option. You will then be given a chance to enter the promo code here in iTunes. Once you are done iTunes will likely tell you that you have to plug into your computer and download it from that version of iTunes. Close out iTunes on your phone and then go ahead and open the App Store. When you do this the application that you are getting with the promo code will start downloading right away. Let it go for about ten to fifteen seconds, and then you can close out the App Store and the application will continue downloading to one of your pages. Now your application will be available on your iPhone without having to pay for the actual price.

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    Apps Only

    Unfortunately this only works for applications, and some applications are still too large to download without plugging in to your computer anyway. The majority of applications, and games specifically, should be fine for downloading on your mobile through the 3G network. Go ahead and try this, especially because it is almost easier than redeeming your promotional code application on your computer. Now the tricky part is getting your hands on valuable promo codes!