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Best New iPhone Apps in March 2011

written by: Arnold Zafra•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 4/1/2011

From a simple iPhone app that lets you take photos of yourself every day, to an app that lets you stream videos between iOS devices, the best iPhone apps for March 2011 are definitely a mixture of the coolest and most useful apps. Find out whether you should download these apps or not.

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    everyday iphone app 

    Here's one cool iPhone app if you don't mind seeing how you look today and then watching yourself age to see how you look one year from now or longer. The app lets you do one thing - take a picture of yourself, every day and then after some time you can arrange accumulated photos in an adjustable, grid-like manner. If you want, you can share your photos to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Flickr or set it up to upload automatically to any of those sites. For a more exciting way of viewing how you are changing everyday, make a movie out of those pictures. (Price: $1.99)

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    Disco Messenger

    disco messenger 

    This app gained some buzz recently not really because of what it can do but because it was developed by a company which is owned by Google. Although Google did not officially endorse the app, the fact that it has some traces of Google in it makes this iPhone app interesting and deserving of being one of the best iphone apps of March 2011 on our list. The app is actually a group text messaging tool. It allows you to create groups and then start a group chat via SMS with the members of the group - for free. (Price: Free)

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    Vimeo is a video sharing site touted as a close YouTube rival. The app brings in the nice features of the web service including video uploading, editing, managing and watching right from the comfort of your iPhone. The videos are uploaded and streamed in the highest quality. And the app has several nifty public sharing tools as well. Other features include - easy-to-use video editor that allows you to combine, edit, and trim videos, add transitions, titles, and effects, add music and recordings, control volume levels and more. (Price: Free)

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    This iPhone app is from American Express. So, you'll definitely benefit from it if you're an American Express customer. The app lets you send and receive money from anywhere in the U.S. What's good about this app is that it gives you total control, convenience and flexibility in managing your money from anywhere in the U.S. This iPhone app also lets you request money from an individual or group, split-the-bill for group purchases, add funds to your account, check your balance and manage sub-accounts. (Price: Free)

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    This app lets you capture photos of anything - or everything that you encounter in your everyday life. You can then share your photos with the world, provided that they are interesting enough to merit scientific research and perhaps discovery. Who knows, your photo could become part of an important scientific research or discovery especially since the app was developed by the Science Channel. Once you've submitted your photo using the app, it will be date stamped, geo-mapped, classified and entered into an online database which is available on Free)

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    SoundPrism Pro


    This iPhone app is a composition tool and midi controller, an interactive generator for harmonic sound textures and epic cinema tracks as well. The app also lets you control your existing VSTis, synthesizers and other sound modules, allowing you to visualize and internalize musical relationships intuitively. Plus some other cool things for producing musical sounds. (Price: $14.99)

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    airframe Airplay is cool but it only allows you to stream videos between your iOS devices and iTunes on your Mac. So, to build on Airplay's capability, this app came out and now allows you to stream photos, YouTube videos and other video content between your iOS devices - iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. The app also allows you to stream video from your iTunes to your iOS devices as well as other apps which support Airplay. (Price: $1.99)

    [Download Link]

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