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Best TV Guide Apps for iPhone

written by: Arnold Zafra•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 3/31/2011

Here, we give you the 5 best TV guide apps for iPhone. Find out whether any of these apps will help in keeping track of when your favorite TV shows will be on air.

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    What's On TV? From Zap2it

    What's On TV This TV guide iPhone app offers a complete entertainment guide as it tells you when your favorite TV shows are on next as well as the latest movies which are showing in theaters. The app has a very nice interface that supports various iPhone features including multitasking and Retina Display. You can find out what's on TV through a customized grid which shows your favorite channels. It also has a social feature via ScreenTribe which lets you "Tune in" to TV shows and movies and earn points and prizes. Other features of the app that you will appreciate include push notifications which remind you when your favorite show is about to start, browse filters, custom channel lists, and multiple location support. (Price: Free)

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    Peel - Personal TV Show Guide

    Here's a pretty cool TV guide iPhone app that learns about the TV shows that you like and then suggests other TV shows that you might want to watch. Like the previous app, this app's main strength has got to be its cool and sleek interface. It gives you a beautiful and well organized guide to find out what's available to watch on TV. It also separates TV shows, movies and sports so you can easily navigate the menu based on your preferences. While looking at a particular show, the app gives you helpful information including summaries, episode details, cover art, viewing times and of course the channel number. The app also has a useful search interface for finding specific shows that you want to watch. (Price: Free)
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    TV-Listings USA

    TV Listings 

    If you're in the US, this TV guide iPhone app will be most useful for you. The app gives you TV listings with details about current and upcoming TV shows, movies and sports events. It covers more than 12,000 US channels and lets you pick your own satellite, cable provider or OTA provider. What's really nice about this app is that it gives you an overview of what' s on TV, sports events on any given day. (Price: Free)

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    TV Forecast

    TV Forecast 

    If you need to find out what will be on TV on future dates, this app has got you covered. It tells you when your favorite TV shows will be on air - so, you'll never miss an episode of your favorite TV show again. That is of course if you have the time to watch. Other nice features of this app that you will surely like are local notifications, full episode listings, air time adjustment of shows to your time zone, episode countdown of your favorite shows, e-mail notifications to remind you when a show is about to go on air, and more. In other words, this app has many features that make it worthy of its price. (Price: $1.99)

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    TV Show tracker

    TV Show Tracker 

    Now, that you've got present and future TV show guides, how about keeping track of them as well? This app will help you do just that. It lets you track your favorite TV shows and enjoy doing it. The app lets you browse all the episodes ever announced for your favorite TV shows and gives you a quick overview of upcoming episodes as well. You'll also get synopsis, screen capture and video preview features. (Price: $1.99)

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    Best TV Guide iPhone App

    Content and feature-wise, these five TV guide apps for iPhone offer the most complete TV show listings. Their differences lie in the overall app interface and functionality. Peel and TV Show Tracker both sport a nice interface that will truly help you enjoy finding out what's on TV right now, so you might consider trying them out. You may also be interested in watching TV on your iPhone.

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